25 Gifts For Trading Card Collectors To Fit Any Budget

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Buying gifts for trading card collectors, but don't know exactly where to start? You are aware that they love the hobby, but you might not know the first thing about which cards to buy. 

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With that in mind, we put together this gift guide that would be great for all collectors, no matter the budget.  Instead of buying actual cards, these accessories would be fantastic additions. Let’s jump right in and highlight the best gifts for trading card collectors this holiday season!

1. Zion Cases— $129.99

zion case
The Collection Case

Coming in at the top on our list of gifts for trading card collectors is the Zion Case! This case will protect and hold up to 164 PSA, 112 BGS or 112 SGC slabs. Any collector with graded cards will love this case for safe traveling and storage. 

Buy Now, $129.99

2. Homage x Topps T-Shirt—$38

homage topps tshirt

Homage produces some of the freshest threads for the hobby, including this ‘52 Topps Jackie Robinson tee.  Some other hits include an ‘89 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. tee and an ‘84 Topps Don Mattingly tee. They also revamped old Topps logos in their designs, which will be a hit for any old school collector.

Buy Now, $38

3. Stand Up Displays Customized Card Stand — $54.99

stand up displays

Want to put your collector’s name and logo on a holder? The people at Stand Up Displays have just the solution. This single card holder allows for a full view of the front and back of the card. Collectors will line these up on their shelves, in their office, or in their man-cave, which cleverly shows off their best cards.

Buy Now, $54.99

4. Inked Gaming Custom Breaking Mat —$29.95

breaking mat

Every collector needs a clean surface to open packs and sort cards, so a breaking mat is essential. Inked Gaming allows customers to import a logo or picture onto their mat, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing place to look at collections.

Buy Now, $29.95

5. PSA Card Display Case — $549

psa display

This high-end display case will showcase up to 24 PSA graded cards and features a mahogany door with black suede matting. It comes with brackets for easy wall mounting. The UV-filtered conservation glass helps prevent fading. 

Buy Now, $549

6. Local Hobby Shop Gift Card

GIFT CARD 1024x1024@2x

Local card shops are the heart and soul of this hobby. If you’re shopping for the collector in your life, it may be wise to find your nearest card shop and ask if they offer gift cards or credits. Let them have a shopping spree of wax and graded cards on you.

Buy Now

7. Light Box — $39.99


Any card collector will appreciate this light box, as it will greatly improve the photography of their cards. This will make their social media posts and eBay listings pop and accentuate the artwork on the cards. 

Buy Now, $39.99

8. Reebok Question Low “Panini Rookie Signature Prizm”  — $115

reebok question

Need some hobby-inspired kicks? How about Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question Low in a Prizm silver colorway? Yeah, we’re sold too. The Panini logo is brandished along the tongue and sole of these stunners, so it’s a subtle tribute to the hobby we all love.

Buy Now, $115

9. Show Your Slabs Display — $189.99

show your slabs
Show Your Slabs

This display fits either 9 or 25 PSA graded cards and flush mounts on the wall. The top can be personalized with the collector's name and social media handle. 

Buy Now, $189.99

10. Hit Parade Mini Helmet Box - $139

football mini helmet 1st round red box
Dave & Adams

Hit Parade has cemented itself as the premier repack product in the Hobby. The Buffalo-based group sells mystery products ladened with autographed cards and memorabilia. If you enjoy the thrill of ripping products but want a better return on your investment, Hit Parade may be the way to go.

Buy Now, $139

11. Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer Poster —$26

michael jordan poster 1

This pin-up of Jordan’s classic Fleer rookie card would look great in any office or man-cave. The same group also sells prints of the Mickey Mantle and Rickey Henderson rookie.

Buy Now, $26

12. Mint Condition Book — $15.95


Per Amazon: "When award-winning journalist Dave Jamieson rediscovered his childhood baseball card collection he figured that now was the time to cash in on his “investments.” But when he tried the card shops, they were nearly all gone, closed forever. eBay was no help, either. Baseball cards were selling for next to nothing. What had happened?"

Buy Now, $15.95

13. eBay Gift Card 


You can NOT miss with this gift. eBay is the home for all things sports cards, so an eBay gift card is like saying "go get yourself anything you want on me!" and the collector in your life will love you for it!

Buy Now, Price Varies

14. Topps Living Set Fine Art Print – $20

artbb fap 23tls 0515 copy 1

The Topps Living set is renowned for its tremendous artwork, honoring the portrait sketches of early ‘50s sets. They also sell 10” x 14” prints of the game’s brightest stars, including this Julio Rodriguez shown above. This is another piece that will frame well and look great in any home office.

Buy Now, $20

15. One Month Subscription to Cardladder — $15


Trading card collectors like to look at data that helps them make decisions when buying or purchasing items to help build their collection. For a long time, this data existed in different places — sold/completed eBay listings, hobby group threads, Goldin Co. sold data, etc. 

Cardladder costs $15 per month and allows collectors to add cards to their collection, track sales data, sales volume, sale prices, and estimated card values. 

For just $15, you can give a collector access to Cardladder for an entire month so they can try it out and see if it’s a fit for their hobby needs. 

Buy Now, $15

16. Brothers in Cards Pack Plus Program — $85

brothers cards

Opening boxes and packs of sports cards have gotten expensive, but Brothers in Cards offers a more affordable option for collectors.

Starting at just $85, you can pick a sport and a box level you’d like a gift. Brothers in Cards will include between 3 and 9 packs of cards (based on the selected product level) from different sports card products at an affordable price. Card packs are randomly sorted and distributed into the boxes. It’s one of the best ways for collectors to scratch the itch of opening fresh wax without breaking the bank and makes for a perfect holiday gift.

Buy Now, $85

17. Mr. Minty Pre Grade Prep KIt – $60

front 2 Cropped 360x
Mr. Minty

Grading has become an integral component of card collecting, and ensuring high grades on your rookies and autographs is put at a premium. This kit from Mr. Minty gives you all the tools to review your cards, such as a magnifier, centering tool, microfiber cloth, cleaning spray, polish and tool. 

Buy Now, $60

18. Slab Savers — $29.99

slab saver

Slab Savers are humidity-controlled storage for a single graded card that can preserve the card in its current condition. UV rays, humidity, and cracked slabs can ruin a collector’s day, and for just $29.99, a collector’s most prized possessions can be stored safely and confidently.

Buy Now, $29.99

19. Bleeker Trading Skybox Hat – $40

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Bleecker Trading

We’ve talked before about Bleeker Trading’s importance as a card shop and collector epicenter in the Big Apple. What you may not know is how fire their merch is. This ‘Skybox’ trucker cap shown above pays homage to the early 90s basketball sets of the same name. This hat is an essential for your next card show.

Buy Now, $40

20. PSA Collectors Club Subscription – $99/Year

PSA Card

PSA’s Collectors Club is multifaceted: it gives members discounts on submissions, credits on the breaking app Loupe, and a subscription to PSA magazine. If you or a collector you know loves to send their cards for grading, a Collectors Club membership is a difference-maker.

Buy Now, $99

21. Rollo Printer - $199


Any collector who’s becoming serious about the Hobby will thank you for a Rollo printer. This thermal printer automatically comes out in a 4” x 6” dimension, which is perfect for bubble mailers or cardboard boxes. These type of gifts aren’t the flashiest, but they will elevate a collector’s brand.

Buy Now, $199

22. Bubble Mailers — $7.97

bubble mailers

There is nothing worse for a trading card collector than running out of bubble mailers to help ship cards they sell to build their collection. This may seem like a plain holiday gift, but its utility is what keeps the hobby moving. It’s the standard way to pack cards and prepare them for shipping to make sure they arrive protected and undamaged.

Buy Now, $7.97

23. BCW Interlocking Graded Card Frames Pack – $25

1 icf g blk pkg
DA Card World

There are a variety of aesthetically pleasing ways to display your graded cards. This five-pack bundle from BCW is a unique and inexpensive option, giving collectors a great opportunity to hang their grails up. These look great in an office space or man cave, and they’ll only set you back $25.

Buy Now, $25

24. Ultra Pro Pokémon Binder – $22

81JsYjsg8kL. AC SL1500

For any young collector just getting into Pokémon, this binder from Ultra Pro will take the collection to the next level. It features a nice Charizard on the cover and can fit hundreds of trading cards inside.

Buy Now, $22

25. Toploaders/Sleeves Bundle  — $29.99


Last but not least, we have the biggest must-have in the hobby: toploaders and sleeves. Having a couple of these handy is always important in card collecting, and you can never go wrong adding more of them.

Buy Now, $29.99

Did we miss something that would make for great gifts for trading card collectors? Shoot us a message on twitter @cardtalkpod and let's talk about it!

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