Green Street Opens Cannabis Hub in Downtown LA

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Green Street

Green Street is one of the preeminent forces in the cannabis world right now, with clients ranging from 2 Chainz to Juicy J and more. Between their Hall of Flowers event earlier this year and the forthcoming Green Street Festival in May, Green Street has cemented itself as not only an agency, but a hub for the cannabis world in southern California, unifying brands from across the burgeoning legalized weed industry.

My vision was to create a state of the art safe space for cannabis brands to work, network and celebrate the plant in the heart of the city where we did not have to hide what we were doing, but rather be proud and share it with the world.

- Rama Mayo, President of Green Street

Earlier this month, Green Street opened its business epicenter in Downtown LA at 718 South Hill St. The 70,000 Square foot space is comprised of 9 floors, which will all eventually be filled entirely with cannabis brands and restaurants, fortifying the building as a hotspot for the legalized weed industry in LA. Level 1 is already blossoming with restaurants from restaurant group Gusto 54, including Gusto Green; level 2 will house an art gallery; the rest of the levels are filling up now for cannabis businesses to buy a suite in the center.

The building has a long and storied history, originally constructed over a century ago for The Los Angeles Furniture Factory. You can even see an original drawing of the building from its inception in a 100 year old newspaper clipping. The space would go onto feature a few different businesses through its lengthy tenure, eventually being featured in 1984's The Terminator.

The space at 718 South Hill is a first of its kind cannabis business epicenter, which will eventually be filled with 50 of the worlds top cannabis brands, in addition to the award-winning restaurant, art gallery, rentable event spaces, brand offices for executives and brand show rooms for sales and buyers. Legalized cannabis is still a new field, and locations like 718 South Hill are opening up physical realms for experiencing all the world of weed has to offer.

For more info and to learn how to rent a space, head to this link. If you are a cannabis brand in California, you should have a space in the building!

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