How to Create Daily Content for Your Brand

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I recently celebrated seven years as a daily content creator. Yes, you read that correctly: I’ve created new content daily for seven years without ever missing a day. It’s been (and continues to be) an incredible journey, and I want to share some insights that I’ve learned along the way to help you in your creative pursuits.

Growing up, I had a few obsessions that helped foster my creativity. Among them, LEGO took the top spot. Since I was a boy, I have always loved the unlimited creativity offered through the world’s most popular toy, and through the evolution of social media, I’ve been able to cultivate a personal brand around my hobby. In 2015 I started an Instagram page (@MiniSuperHeroesToday) focused on posting lego content with one simple challenge: post one new piece of content every day and see how long I could go. That challenge remains unbroken to this day, and has expanded outward to YouTube and TikTok as well, where the MiniSuperHeroesToday community is now over 250,000 members strong. My growth in social media has led to me working with some of my favorite brands including K-Swiss, Ghostbusters, and even LEGO themselves.

I’m very proud of my accomplishments, but my purpose behind what I do is not to prove how great my brand is, rather to spread positivity through a hobby I and so many others love. This journey has brought me to a place where I can share insight to help other folks wanting to do the same in their lives, and I want to share a few insights that have been on my mind at the time of this milestone anniversary. I hope these help you focus in on what you want and encourage you to go for it! 

1. Getting started is more important than how you get started


How many people do you know in your life that are doing EXACTLY what you want to be doing? Whether it’s the job they have, business they own, their relationship status, or the car they drive, chances are that you don’t know too many people who have a 1:1 version of the life you want to live, and for good reason: IT’S HARD! 

Most people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure, which is why you see so few people living the lives they truly want to live. Many of life’s best offerings come on the other side of taking risks, thinking outside the box, and doing things that nobody else is doing. Whether it’s asking for a raise, starting a new business, or creating a TikTok around your hobby, taking that first step is so crucial, and so few do it. This isn’t meant to be mean or negative, rather, I hope it inspires you to think/act differently than everyone else and see where it takes you. I love centering my philosophy around quotes, and one of my favorites has always been: “to be different, you must BE different.”  

2. Understanding the value of your time and attention is paramount to success

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There’s an old quote I love that says “the best time to plant a tree was yesterday; the second best time is today.” Time is the only thing you cannot obtain more of, so what we focus our time and energy on has a direct effect on our creative outcomes. It’s important to think about where you’re putting your attention, because sometimes putting another hour into your business/side hustle is more important than binging Netflix. That’s not to say that leisure time is a bad thing, but being mindful of where you’re investing your time can help you reframe on what’s really important and to direct attention toward that when necessary.

3. The only person standing in your way is yourself

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So often, we rationalize reasons to not take action. “I’m too tired,” “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and “I’m not good enough” are among the most common I’ve heard, but the point remains that you must participate in your own rescue and help yourself get along in your journey. Sometimes, you need to be your own biggest supporter instead of your own personal roadblock! 

A lot of my writing here at ONE37pm centers around the LEGO collecting hobby, and while I love sharing that side of my passion, another passion of mine is self improvement. I hope you walk away from this article feeling inspired and ready to take on the world! If you’ve read this far, feel free to DM me on Instagram with any questions you may have- I always love to help other creatives get their journeys started, and I wish you the best of luck with your path ahead! 

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