6 Ways to Use Instagram Questions, According to Team Gary Vee

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Team Gary Vee! In this installment, I will be spilling the inside scoop on the ever-changing, constantly evolving nature of social media. Specifically, let’s chat about Instagram, more specifically, Instagram Stories and the best ways you could be utilizing the valuable feature of the questions sticker in your Stories. 

There are over 500 million daily consumers of Instagram stories, so get in on this action! 

If you’re looking for a way to truly connect with your audience, get familiar with the questions sticker in Instagram Stories and refer to these tips below for ways to exercise and amp up your social media game.

1. Q&A

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Ultimately, your audience wants to get to know you! Get into the nitty-gritty with your followers. Treat your followers as your friends and ask them what they want to know about you, or your brand. Create a story tile using the questions sticker allowing your followers to ask you anything. In turn, this builds a friendly rapport with your followers, provides value for all involved, and allows them to get to know you on a deeper level rather than just a face on an app.

I asked Zain Gaziani, a community manager on TeamGary, why he enjoys the Q&A function in stories.“It’s not binary like taking a poll, I really get to know the people I’m engaging with,” he said.

2. Audience Feedback

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Getting stuck in a creative rut is completely normal, and a great way to tackle this issue is to give your audience a voice. Initiate a conversation with them in your stories with a question. Ask them what type of content they enjoy consuming, and what they want to see more from you. This goes for brands out there, as well. With two-way communication, you’ll learn exactly what your customers are missing from you before you make anything. Glossier, the innovative beauty brand giant, launched its newest product, an under-eye moisturizer that is flying off their digital shelves, solely from listening to their customers through their Instagram Stories when they asked what product they wanted to see most.

3. Spotlight the Experts

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Instagram story takeovers are a fun way to have your audience learn more about your company or brand. Bring in an employee or an influencer in the space to take over the Instagram Stories for the day. Using the question sticker in stories allows your audience to ask any open-ended questions and gain a fresh new perspective on your company’s brand and products.

4. Introducing a New Product Launch

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In the midst of planning a new product launch, engage the audience! Using the question sticker in Stories to announce a new product is a great way to gather buzz around the launch. The question sticker doesn’t always have to be in the form of a question. Quiz your followers with a few hints and build the suspense! This is a great strategy to help spread the word and get your followers to be a part of the launch.

5. Hire a New Employee

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Providing value for your audience is one of the most important keys to success in social media. We speak with a lot of people in the social media space who need editors, community managers, the list goes on and on, and they find they don’t know where to turn to. Our advice to them is to always reach out to their followers—your followers are the ones who truly understand your brand! With the continued growth of your following, these are the individuals who are going to help you stay true to your brand ethos with the additional help. Promote the need for an extra hand on your team through the question sticker on your stories. It just might spark a discussion with a talented individual that will result in mutual benefits!

6. FAQ

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Minimize friction by letting all the necessary information a new follower would need to know about your brand live in one place. They should land on the Instagram page and be able to learn about who you are, what you do and the value you will bring to them all in this one space. Using the question sticker to gather FAQ about your company, or brand is a resourceful way to give them all the information they are looking for!

A bonus tip: Add these FAQ to your story highlights, so it’s easily accessible and lives on your Instagram indefinitely!

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