Introducing ONE37PMs 30 Most Entrepreneurial Athletes

A new editorial series beginning in January featuring interviews and profiles

30mea mobile
Art by Michael Santil

In January, ONE37PM will be unveiling its 30 Most Entrepreneurial Athletes, a month-long series of profiles, video interviews and articles about 30 athletes making waves in the entrepreneurial space.

The list is unranked. The goal of the program is to illuminate individual athletes' business and cultural savvy outside of their sports at a time where more and more athletes are using their platforms and personalities to effect great cultural change. 30MEA will feature athletes tackling an array of business interests, from cannabis to drones to social media. The list includes some of the most famous athletes in the world, as well as some under-the-radar innovators who have carved new careers for themselves in unexpected industries.

ONE37PM's mission celebrates the origin stories of these select athletes and the 30MEA package will deliver additional information and insight about their game-changing presences in the business world. Throughout January, we’ll be unveiling the list one-by-one, culminating with an event at the Super Bowl to celebrate our 30MEA honorees. More details on the program will be announced soon.

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