Is IShowSpeed The New King Of Content?

(Via ishowspeed IG and Hannah Scherwatzky)

In professional sports leagues of the world, there comes a time when one generation must pass the torch to the next, a time when one group of individuals must call it quits and watch a new generation spur on evolution to the game they love. The same goes for platforms like Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, etc. Where we once had Pewdiepie entertaining us weekly, we now tune in to Mr.Beast. Streamer and content creator Darren Watkins, better known as IShowSpeed, has been on a meteoric rise to superstardom and may just be the new king of content. 

IShowSpeed currently has over 11 million subscribers on Youtube, with his most popular video, “Shake,” eclipsing 130 million views. Speed has released other songs like “Ronaldo (Sewey)” and “God Is Good,” which have both reached over 15 million views. On Tik Tok, Speed has crossed the 8 million follower mark, racking up over 35 million likes on the app. What’s most shocking is that Speed has hit those milestones on Tik Tok while only posting nine videos. 

How Did IShowSpeed Become So Popular?

Interest In Proper Football

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