Jack Settleman Launches SnapBack Kitchen

SnapBack Kitchen is shaking things up.

SnapBack Sports

It’s possible that by the end of the decade, Jack Settleman is the President of the United States. 

Between him, and Alex Sheinman, they don’t f**king stop. (I take pride in being a hard worker, and these two just blow me away) 

I’ve been collaborating with Settleman and Sheinman for almost a year now. The two are the leaders of SnapBack Sports, the largest sports Snapchat account in the world. 

Now? The two are opening their own restaurant. 

Kind of. 

On Friday, Sheinman and Settleman launched SnapBack Kitchen in partnership with Popchew. This is something remarkably unique from most of the other news you hear in the food space. 

Popchew is one of the leaders in the evolving food delivery industry and has asserted itself by partnering with local restaurants and pairing them with different creators.

The connection between sports and food is as strong as any.

- Jack Settleman

SnapBack wants to bring that connection to its massive audience. 

For now, SnapBack Kitchen is providing all of your sports food favorites like chicken tenders, pizza, ect. Settleman knows the importance of making customers happy and one of his biggest concerns was simply providing a GOOD product. 

“The hardest obstacle is that people just always want more. They want more items on the menu, they want better food, and they want it faster. So we took the creation process super seriously. I’ve tried so many different sauces over the last 6 months,” said Settleman.  

This weekend, I’ll be trying out their food and letting y'all know what I think. And they told me to be honest about my thoughts… so I’m gonna keep it 100.

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