Here Are the 5 Things Joe Rogan Is Obsessed With

They aren’t raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

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Joe Rogan is a man of many talents, holds several, sometimes controversial, thoughts and is willing to try almost any and everything. With that kind of personality comes a diverse platter of likes and preferences. The comedian/podcast host doesn’t waste a single day doing nothing. His diet is incomparable to most men aged 52 years, his workout routine is ancient but difficult and he arguably lives life on the edge. Training as if he’s preparing for a UFC fight and dieting as if he’s allergic to sugar, Rogan’s day-to-day routine is nothing short of impressive. We took a look at that routine and gathered five of his favorite things, barely hitting the surface of everything the highly followed public figure swears by. 

1. Weed

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Anyone who listens to The Joe Rogan Experience is well aware that Rogan is a functional stoner. He doesn’t hide the fact that he smokes every day, and he’s also attested to how smoking allegedly makes him more productive. He’s also a huge advocate for Alpha Brain, a nootropic drug that Rogan says helps him write, workout and even host his podcast.

2. Working out

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It’s undeniable that Rogan is an athlete across the board. He grew up kickboxing as a teen, holds a black belt in jiu-jitsu and is an advocate for weight training. Exercising with mostly kettlebells, battle ropes and maces, Rogan doesn’t believe in exhausting his body. As mentioned in his podcast, he follows the philosophy of Pavel Tsatsouline, a Belarusian fitness expert who suggests doing fewer reps more often. "So instead of having one workout every three days where you blow your body out, have one workout every day where you don't blow your body out. And you'll get stronger quicker,” Rogan said on JRE.

3. Sensory deprivation tanks


It’s no surprise that someone as extreme as Rogan owns a sensory deprivation tank. As described on his show, the tank is a soundproof, lightless, tub filled with saltwater and Epsom salt that Rogan believes is a key component for expanding his mind. People float in the tank, giving them a feeling of serenity and being bodiless. No wonder Rogan mentions it in his podcast all the time. 

4. Mushroom coffee

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We doubt you’ve ever tried mushroom coffee, but Rogan swears by it. The product is a pour-and-stir powder made from organic coffee mixed with mushrooms and is known for supporting memory, creativity, the immune system and focus. Rogan recommended Four Sigmatic as his go-to brand on his show several times and his favorite flavor is the Lion’s Mane & Chaga mix.

5. Vitamin supplements

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As king of dietary supplements, Rogan has recommended and mentioned several in his podcast. He believes they play an important part in his pursuit of total human optimization. A few of the supplements Rogan takes include multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, creatine, protein, anti-aging, pre-workout, exogenous ketones and more. From boosting his cognitive ability to enhancing his athletic performance, Rogan has a pill for everything.

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