Get Inspired by JoJo Simmons' Entrepreneurial Journey

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It's human nature to feel a little bit of pressure to live up to the legacies of those we grew up with as we become adults. For JoJo Simmons, son of Joseph Simmons, A.K.A. Rev Run of Run-DMC (one of the best rap groups of all time), being around people with big legacies was just a part of life.

You might remember meeting JoJo Simmons for the first time in the reality series Run’s House, which followed the life of the Simmons family during the peak of the patriarch’s rapping career. Despite the surreal-ness of growing up with so many bright lights on his family and those around him, Simmons did not feel the pressure to live up to anything but his own goals.

JoJo always had a vision for himself that was true to who he was and the things he was passionate about. His entrepreneurial journey has been guided by these passions and he has never shied away from bringing his vision to life. We sat down with Simmons for an episode of Bowl'd Entrepreneurs to here a bit about his trajectory and making his own lane.

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