7 Feel-Good Tweets About Winning the Lottery

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Everyone dreams of one day winning the lottery. Suddenly, any financial woes are gone, you can finally take that vacation and you might even make a few savvy investments.

Those are all big ideas, but how exactly would your day-to-day life change? Would it? Would you retire early or keep on grinding? The answers vary from person to person, so we decided to investigate.

On ONE37pm’s Twitter account, we posed the question “If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is one thing that would stay the same about your life?” Here are some of our favorite responses from our followers.

You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are

The Pursuit of Happiness Is Never Ending

Shoutout Pizza!

The Grind Never Stops

Keep Things in Perspective

Lights, Camera, Action

Maybe Thanos Had a Few Good Ideas…

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