Here’s What People on Twitter Are Saying About Lyft’s IPO

$ Cha-ching $

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You may have heard that on March 29 popular ride-sharing service Lyft officially hit Wall Street. The app famous for getting you from point A to point B seamlessly IPO'd at a starting price of $72 a share. 

According to CNBC, after it began trading, "the stock held at around $87 in its first few minutes of trading — something of a modest IPO for such a giant tech company. The initial pop nudges Lyft's valuation to $25 billion."

Needless to say, because of the giant amount of money the company is now worth, people are talking.

Here are a few interesting select takes to give you some perspective:

Some people are feeling good about the IPO:

Others aren't buying into the hype:

Here's a reminder that Lyft was always an underdog:

People want the new millionaires to remember where they came from:

With this new wave of IPOs we're now entering into a whole new world:

But at the end of the day, shout out to the bankers:

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