How Meme Culture is Helping Bring Back Movie Theaters

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Don’t let the pre-pandemic numbers fool you. Despite Avengers: Endgame becoming the highest-grossing film ever made, movie theaters were, and have been, slowly dying off year by year. Even before the pandemic, local theaters were shutting down, just completely unable to stay afloat amidst the streaming wars. The town next to me, for example, went from a hub of cinema with two theaters to a barren wasteland with none. The pandemic certainly didn’t help; not only were theaters largely unable to make money, but streaming services had all the time in the world to try to expand and grow a loyal user base. 

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The titans of the movie theater industry are no stranger to this danger as well. AMC Theaters faced bankruptcy towards the tail end of 2020 but was able to stay alive due to a large cash infusion from investors. They were safe, but not too safe. This is because people are still reluctant to drag themselves out of bed and to the theaters when the alternative of streaming is right in front of them. 

What could possibly motivate the average American couch potato to hit the theater?

The Three Ms.

Minions, Mustaches, and Morbin’ Time.


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The Mustache Messiahs

It's Morbin Time

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