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What is currently making you happy?

The community of readers at ONE37pm is an expert-level resource. You are burgeoning entrepreneurs, street-style aficionados, consumers of popular culture and in the know on all things sports. And we’ve seen your skillful comments on our gaming articles. It’s almost like you should be writing articles yourselves. 

It’s only right that, monthly, you get a chance to shine. Welcome to ONE37pm’s Contributors Club. We ask, and you answer. Simply submit a (roughly) 300-word response to our monthly prompt to with “Monthly Prompt: [Your Name]” in the subject line. Our editors will thoughtfully read each and every response and, ultimately, publish a handful of thought leaders’ responses.

This Month's Prompt: What is currently making you happy in your life?

What a simple question. What a simple concept. But somehow, in the dredges of work and ego and ladder climbing and hustle and grind, we can sometimes lose our way. 

Take this opportunity to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and tell us about one thing that is making you extraordinarily happy in your life. It could be small or it could be a monumental victory. I’ve come to learn that happiness doesn’t discriminate by size, but rather it fills the cup you decide to pour it into. 

In 2014, I rescued a dog. Her name is Talullah. And each and every day that I see her tiny (really, she’s very small) face, I’m overcome with joy. Something so precocious and unbridled that experiences the world by searching for tiny delights is hot soup for the soul. It wakes you up and reminds you to look around. Though there are far greater measures of success I could cite—things that society would deem should make me happy—it’s my tiny rescue dog’s outlook that is currently making me the happiest in life. And gratitude is a precarious thing because once you get to the edge of the thankfulness cliff, you can’t help but peer over the ravine and start to feel abundantly grateful for every other tiny thing in your life. Your life, your job, your house, your phone, your health, the way light shines on the’s endless.

Write out your gratitude and submit your thoughts to by August 19, 2019, at 9 a.m. EST. If chosen, your words will be published on our site and your work will be properly attributed and linked to your personal channels.  

We’ll be awaiting your responses.

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