Who Has the Most Followers On TikTok?

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If you haven’t heard of Tik Tok, then where have you been all year. While some adults consider the viral dancing app a data stealing time waste, the top creators on the site have managed to rake in a massive following across platforms, leading to sponsorships, collabs, and serious dough for all parties involved. As for the creators with the most followers, this is the current list. 

  1. Charlie D’amelio @charlidamelio (74 million)
  2. Addison Rae @addisonre (52.3 million)
  3. Zach King @zachking (46 million)
  4. Loren Gray @lorengray (45.8 million)
  5. Tik Tok @tiktok (44.2 million)
  6. Riyaz @riyaz.14 (43.0 million)
  7. Spencer Knight @spencerx (39 million)
  8. Michael Le @justmaiko (35 million)
  9. BabyAriel @babyariel (34.4 million)
  10. Will Smith @willsmith (32.0 million)
  11. Faisal Shaikh @mr_faisu_07 (31.8 million)
  12. Dixie D’Amelio @dixiedamelio (31.1 million)
  13. Brent Rivera @brentrivera (30.9 million)
  14. Jason Derulo @jasonderulo (29.9 million)
  15. Arishafa Khan @_arishfakhan_ (28.4 million)
  16. Jannat Zubair Rahmani (28.0 million)
  17. Nisha Guragain @nishaguragain (28.0 million)
  18. Gil Croes @gilmhercroes (28.0 million)
  19. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (27.6 million)
  20. JoJo Siwa @jojosiwa (26.7 million)

1. Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelio

While not a household name, Charli D’Amelio’s fame has been a quick and incredible rise, the Tik Tok personality posted her first video in 2019 and has quickly become of its most famous stars. As of July 2020, the dancer was not only Tik Tok’s most-followed account but has been recognized by brands and news outlets alike as the most representative of the brand. D’Amelio is 16 years old, a part of generation-z, and by all accounts and purposes, she still desires to be a normal kid. And her fame has spread far beyond the app. She’s been invited to dance at the NBA All-Star game, starred in a Super Bowl Commercial and Tik Tok dance with the legendary Jennifer Lopez, and even been signed to famous talent agency UTA.

2. Addison Rae @addisonre

Second to D’Amelio is Addison Rae. A competitive dancer from childhood, Rae joined Tik Tok in 2019 and received over 80,000 likes on her first dance video. She was also an inaugural member of the Hype House, a communal living space for social media influencers to collaborate easier. In 2020, Rae debuted a Spotify podcast with her mother, called Mama Knows Best.

3. Zach King @zachking

While this Tik Tok star didn’t start on the app, his high profiles on social media sites like Instagram and Vine have made his star rise. Known for his “magical” filmmaking, King used film and CGI to edit his videos into magical illusions. While he got his start on Youtube, King’s transition from Vine to Tik Tok went even better for the creator, with King becoming the third most followed individual on the app.

4. Loren Gray @lorengray

Known for her signature, icy blond look, Loren Gray is the fourth highest followed tik tok personality. Gray first became popular on the app musically, where creators filmed themselves lipsyncing at high speeds to popular tunes. Using cross-platform growth on Instagram and Youtube, Gray quickly gained popularity in LA and beyond. Before Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, she was the most followed person on Tik Tok.

5. Tik Tok @tiktok

It only makes sense that Tik Tok’s own support account is one of the highest followed. While the video app uses its own account to spread helpful tips and announcements, it also uses its incredibly large platform to highlight special events and creators. During quarantine, Tik Tok and its biggest users have hosted several virtual events, like Pride, Prom, Graduation, and more.

6. Riyaz Ali @riyaz.14

Riyaz Ali is an Indian media personality and entertainer known for his lip-syncing videos. Born in 2003, the 16-year-old has quickly risen in the ranks, not just as an entertainer, but as a fashion blogger as well. His videos average millions of views on every post.

7. Spencer Polanco Knight @spencerx

This Tik Tok star is a professional beatboxer, who uses his vocal skill to make specialty sounds and videos on the app. Before Tik Tok, he was featured in the top 20 of the American Beatbox Championship. Known as Spencer X, his frequent collaborations and public performances have made the musician go viral, propelling his fame to colossal levels.

8. Michael Le @justmaiko

This twenty-year-old is known for more than just his fly dance moves, but for his incredible fashion sense as well. As a viral choreography on Tik Tok, Michael Le is the eighth most popular Tik Tok creator. While not a household name, the dancer is a big part of the Tik Tok ecosystem. He’s even a part of the Shluv house, another viral content house making waves in LA.

9. BabyAriel @babyariel

​​​​​Another musically alum, Baby Ariel is a moniker for Ariel Rebecca Martin, a popular American singer, and social media personality. As one of musically top stars, Ariel was featured in publications like Forbes, People Magazine, GMA, and Time’s 2017 most influential people on the internet.

10. Will Smith @willsmith

Yes, you read that right. The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and residential bad boy has found a new on screen home in Tik Tok. When not starring in Hollywood blockbusters, Smith uses the app to post behind the scenes looks at his life, home, and family.

11. Faisal Shaikh @mr_faisu_07

This Indian model is known for his viral comedy and lip syncing videos. The actor is known to post up to 6 videos a day, each of them drawing millions of views in minutes.

12. Dixie D’Amelio @dixiedamelio

No you’re not seeing double. Two of the top twenty Tik Tok stars are related. While Dixie D’Amelio was first known as Charlie D’Amelio older sister, this 18 year old is a star in her own right. In 2020, she released a single titled, Be Happy, detailing her struggles with mental health,  which had its own viral moment on Tik Tok.

13. Brent Rivera @brentrivera

This American Viner has fully taken on the mantle of continual Tik Tok star. Known for his unique brand of short clip comey, he ranks at number 13 of Tik Tok’s top followed stars. Not one to be just about jokes, Rivera is also known for his creation of Amp Studios, a talent incubator meant to create the next viral social media stars.

14. Jason Derulo @jasonderulo

While it took the novel coronavirus outbreak for this singer to truly commit to Tik Tok, Jason Derulo has accepted the challenge. Constantly praised for his innovative if incredibly professional shot clips, the singer has gotten more than his fair share of viral moments on the app. His single Savage Love, went viral for its Tik Tok dance challenge, shooting it to the top of the charts.

15. Arishfa Khan @_arishfakhan_

This popular Indian actor has spent her entire life preparing for this role. A child actress who has been in the industry for over 9 years, Khan has since developed her online presence to include fashion, beauty, and music. Her recent songs collaborate with other fellow Indian Tik Tok stars, and rake in the views. Her latest hit Yaara, has over 200 million views on Youtube alone.

17. Nisha Guragain @nishaguragain

This model and influencer is a rising star on Indian tik tok. Her appearance in several popular Hindi songs skyrocketed her fame, raising her platform to number 17 in Tik Tok’s ranks.

18. Gilmher Croes @gilmhercroes

This Aruban model is known for his striking blonde hair and charming Tik Tok Videos. With over 28 million followers, his lipsyncing videos are certified toppers on the for you page.

19. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This famous wrestler has more than defeated the new challenger of Tik Tok. More than just another social media app to post updates, The Rock uses his Tik Tok to uplift other viral videos on the app, and feature his daughters in clips sure to bring a smile to your face.

20. JoJo Siwa @jojosiwa

Last but certainly not least, JoJo Siwa is one of the most popular American celebrities on Tik Tok today. Not only does she have a Nickelodeon empire, but the growing teen uses her social media presence to constantly spread her wacky brand of comedy around. A recent Tik Tok of Siwa participating in the Wipe trend out of her signature style went viral, even trending across social media platforms.

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