The 5 Most Profitable Shark Tank Products of All Time

Started from the bottom, now they're here.

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From the genius pitches to the thrill of the offers, there’s a reason ABC’s Shark Tank has kept us captivated for nearly ten years. At the heart of it all though, of course, are the innovative inventions that have you saying: “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

After their stints in the tank, these products have gone on to become the most successful in the show’s history.

Ring Video Doorbell

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The sharks are all probably kicking themselves after this one. Founder Jamie Siminoff went on the show back in 2013, pitching the Wifi-enabled video doorbell that allows users to see and speak to people arriving at their door. Kevin O’Leary was the only investor to make an offer, but Siminoff passed, leaving with no deal. But he didn’t quite leave with nothing. After the episode aired, the doorbell saw a surge in sales and in February 2018, sold to Amazon for a reported $1.1 billion.

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Scrub Daddy

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Aaron Krause’s scratch-free smiley face sponge, which changes texture depending on water temperature, appeared in a 2012 episode of the show. Turns out they’d been sitting in a storage unit for years after multinational conglomerate 3M purchased Krause’s buffing pad company, but showed no interest in the sponges. Big mistake. After he turned down an offer from Kevin O’Leary, Krause accepted a $200,000 deal from Lori Greiner with 20% equity. As of 2019, Scrub Daddy has earned over $170 million in sales.

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Simply Fit Board


We’ve all seen enough Chuck Norris-starring infomercials to know those miracle fitness products are a lucrative business. So you should hardly be surprised that the Simply Fit Board has garnered major success after its 2015 appearance on Shark Tank. Mother-daughter entrepreneurial team Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman took a $125,000 deal with 20% equity from Greiner and have since earned more than $160 million in sales.

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Squatty Potty

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The name may get a few chuckles, but the Squatty Potty’s profits are no laughing matter. The stool which helps things *move smoother* in the bathroom was created by Bobby Edwards and snagged a $350,000 deal with 10% equity from, yet again, Lori Greiner (what a track record!). Just 24 hours after its 2014 appearance on the show, the product saw a $1 million jump in sales. Now, profits are estimated at over $150 million. That viral unicorn pooping video surely didn’t hurt.

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Tipsy Elves

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Who would have guessed that a month’s worth of holiday-themed events would result in tens of millions of dollars of profit? Apparently, the guys behind Tipsy Elves, the apparel company selling ugly sweaters and cheeky Christmas outfits. When the company made its pitch on Shark Tank in December 2013, it received a $100,000 deal from Robert Herjavec with a 10% stake. As of November 2018, the brand has seen sales reaching over $70 million.

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