Here Are 2018’s Most Tweeted About Moments in Entertainment

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2018 has been filled with a lot of "WTF" moments. ICYMI happening in real time—everything from Pete Davidson’s brief engagement to Ariana Grande to the announcement of LeBron James signing with the LA Lakers—the Twitter timeline was there to hash out out some of the most interesting and animated hot takes in 280 characters or less.

Some were funny, others were annoying, but it’s undeniable that the social platform continues to excel at being the No. 1 outlet for any and all reactions. Just this week, Twitter released its annual data about the most tweeted about events shared on its platform, and the most discussed entertainment moments in 2018 are…


The movie Black Panther was a blockbuster hit. Starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, it smashed a ton of box office records en route to becoming the 10th highest grossing movie of all time.

Now, the epic Marvel flick has become the most tweeted about movie of 2018. Securing two Golden Globe nominations for Best Motion Picture (Drama) and Original Score, Black Panther beat out Avengers: Infinity War, The Incredibles 2, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Deadpool 2 for the most mentions. By the way, Disney had four of the top movies on this list.

SNL Continues To Be The Show To Watch

Forty-four seasons in and SNL is still finding ways to stay relevant. The late-night sketch show was the most tweeted about TV show this year. Maybe it was thanks to Alec Baldwin's reoccurring presidential impression. Or Robert De Niro channeling Robert Mueller? Maybe it's because last year's champs (Game Of Thrones) took the year off. OK, just kidding. We all know it's because of the Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande breakup.

The K-pop Craze

K-pop sensation BTS had the Twitter timeline go from 0 to 100 … real quick.

The Korean boy band was the most tweeted about celebrity in 2018. The breakthrough sensations have been changing the game in the music industry as their latest album, Love Yourself: Tear went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in May of this year. Selling over 100,000 units, they became the most successful Asian acts ever. They broke the internet when their rendition of Drake's #InMyFeelingsChallenge became the most liked tweet of the year. When you get an international pop sensation and a Drake mashup, the internet crashes.

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