The 25 Most Valuable Toys From the 90s

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Have you ever considered what your favorite childhood toys are worth today? Did you play Nintendo or Playstation? Did you read the Harry Potter Series? Well if so, this is the countdown for you. Here we dive into 25 of the most valuable 90’s toys, games, books, and more. Let's see how many you owned or still have today.

25. 1995 TMNT Warrior Chrome Dome $660.00 8/11/21 Orig. Price $3.99

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Dallas Vintage Toys

The first entry we have is the Chrome Dome Ninja Turtle with accessories and a gold coin. Due to scarcity even loose versions sell over $400.00 apiece, with all the accessories of course.

24. 1994 TMNT Shogun Shoate Action Figure $ 747.76 8/6/21 Originally $3.99

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The second entry in our countdown, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shogun Shoate Action Figure is one of the few opened action figures on this list. Due to such scarcity, there are no recent sealed sales, the most recent unsealed went for nearly $748. Originally they had a variety of items that came in the packaging, from plastic weapons to a trading card of Shogun Shoate. 

23. 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Serpentera $1,200

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Of all the original Power Rangers toys, Serpentera currently holds the title of top seller. One of many Zords, Serpentera is a villain under Lord Zedd.

22. 1993 WWF Yellow King of The Ring Wrestling Ring $1,325.00 8/8/21 Originally $12.99

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You read that right, a wrestling ring sold for more than $1,300.00. But this is not just any wrestling ring, it’s the King of The Ring, and due to scarcity and massive demand, this ring makes 23rd on our list.

21. 1994 WWF 123 Kid Action Figure $1,550.98 7/8/21 Originally $6.99

s l16004

The first WWF action figure to make the list, the 1-2-3 Kid, has become a mighty expensive sealed action figure to acquire. The Kid was worth around $600.00 sealed in early 2020 and due to heavy demand among collectors, it’s skyrocketed, with loose examples being valued at over $400.00

20. 1993 WWF Hulk Hogan Mail Away Action Figure $1,725.00 6/29/21

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The WWF Mail Away action figures were only attainable by submitting cutout points on the back of sealed wrestling figures that were sold in stores. Today, sealed and loose copies of the mail-away action figures have shot in value, even they were mailed in a plastic bag. The Hulk Hogan mail away pays homage to his Wrestlemania 9 championship in record time against Yokozuna.  

19. 1990 Lego Airport Shuttle Sealed $1,804.33 5/23/21

s l1600 2

Legos finally make the list. This airport shuttle complete set is extensive, to say the least. With a full track for the shuttle, stands, and more, it’s certainly a unique set to own. 

18. 1999 Tiger Hasbro Original Prototype Furby Baby Mohair $2,025.00 6/6/21


This Furby is ultra-rare. The Baby Mohair was a prototype that didn’t even have the electronics yet. It was produced for Hasbro to research and design future Furbies. Due to such a rarity, it holds the record for highest-selling Furby at $2,025.00.  

17. 1998 VHS Pokémon Charizard Movie IGS 9.0 $2,827.99 8/5/21

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Graded sealed VHS have soared in value over the last year and now the highest-selling VHS tape from the 1990s on eBay is the Pokémon Charizard Movie. Sealed nongraded copies sell over $600.00

16. 1990 WWF Dusty Rhodes Hasbro Action Figure $3,508.00 6/25/21 Orig $6.99

s l1600 4

The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, has been a highly coveted action figure for a long time. With the recent sale-topping $3,500.00, that’s nearly 4 times more than sales in 2019. 

15. WWF Hasbro Undertaker Mail Away Action Figure $5,100.00 8/3/21

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The Undertaker Mail Away is highly sought after. It came with a jacket, which wildly enough, is one of the most sought accessories of any Hasbro WWF action figure. Only one other Undertaker figure had a jacket, and both are highly coveted, but the Mail Away is much more valuable. 

14. 1997 Sony Playstation Console VGA Graded 85Q $6,000.00 7/26/21

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A graded PS1. You heard that right; a sealed graded PSA 1 sold for $6,000.00. The first Playstation to be mass-produced has become a major collector's item and rightfully so. Playstation’s graphics were far advanced compared to Sega Genesis and Nintendo N64.

13. 1993 TMNT Scratch The Cat $6,500.00 6/26/21

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The 2nd TNMT villain to make the list, Scratch the Cat is one of the most expensive 90’s action figures on the market today. Known as the meanest villain in the TMNT universe, Scratch has escaped prison 9 times.   

12. 1997 G.I. Joe Cobra Command Team Leopard Paint Variant Destro AFA 90 $6,801.00 7/11/21

s l1600 8

Dubbed ‘Pimp Daddy’ Destro by collectors, this figure was an early print that had leopard print on the collar and legs. The figure was originally painted as a joke, but Hasbro designer John Boyce loved it. In the end, only a few hundred were ever produced and the majority was never packaged for sale. John Boyce approximated that 100 copies were packaged and shipped by accident to the USA. A few even made it to stores.  

11. Game Boy Color Console WATA 90 $8,999.99 MSRP $89.99

s l1600 9

Back in 1999, it seemed like every child had a Game Boy. I remember playing mine everywhere; in the car, on recess, at the food store, you name it. Who would have ever imagined that sealed copies would soar in value 22 years later? 

10. 1997 Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 VGA 90 $9,999.00

s l1600 10

One of the most popular games of all time, GoldenEye 007, is now one of the highest-selling 90’s games of all time. At nearly $10,000.00, this sale shows the potential that pristine sealed games can have moving forward.

9. 1998 Playstation Grand Theft Auto WATA 9.6 A+ $10,100.00

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Arguably the greatest Playstation Franchise, GTA gets an entry on this top 25 list. Sealed Video Games have become all the rage in 2021 and the original Grand Theft Auto is deserving of 9th on this list. 

8. 1992 Nintendo SNES Super Mario World Sealed WATA 9.6 A++ $12,999.00

s l1600 11

Super Mario World is the 4th Video Game to make the list. One of the most important features of the game is it’s the first game to pair Yoshi with either Mario or Luigi. 

7. 1993 Sega Genesis FIFA International Soccer Video Game WATA 9.2 A++ $15,100.00

s l1600 12

This is the first FIFA game, and with graded video games on a massive rise, it makes perfect sense to have the original on this list. A 9.2 grade is strong, but the A++ grade, which is for how well the game is sealed, is gem mint. 

6. 1998 Pokémon Blue Video Game WATA 9.6 A++ $49,900.00 5/20/21 – MSRP $29.95

s l1600 13

Sealed Pokémon games have had sales through the roof in 2021. This Pokémon Blue is the current record for the games and it appears there is a ton of room for further price increases with demand continuing to climb. Check out where Pokémon Blue ranks on our Best Pokémon Video Games.

5. 1993 Magic The Gathering MTG Alpha Black Lotus R A BGS 7.5 $76,210.00 7/26/21

s l1600 14

Magic the Gathering was the original TCG powerhouse. For a long time, Magic cards were much more valuable than Pokémon Cards. With this recent sale for a first print run BGS 7.5 grade, there could easily be a jump for the Black Lotus if a higher grade hits the auction block. 

4. 1997 Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone 1st Edition copy $81,250.00 – MSRP $14.00

s l1600 15

One of 500 1st Edition Copies, the Philosopher’s Stone has blown away all books printed in the 1990s. Get this, of the 500 copies, 300 were sent into the library system. The Harry Potter franchise has had massive success, and it’s fitting that the rarest copy of the juggernaut series is the top-selling book on our list. 

3. 1992 Nintendo Playstation Prototype $360,000.00. March 2020

Heritage Auctions

At one point before Playstation was created, Sony and Nintendo were working together on a project intended to add CD-Rom for Super Nintendo. The creation was a prototype console that could play SNES cartridges and CD discs. Due to such a rarity, the sale of $360,000.00 for the working console isn’t crazy. There is a chance it’s the only one remaining. 

2.Pokémon Base English 1st Edition Charizard PSA 10 $390,000.00 Packs in 1999 $2.99

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Goldin Auctions

The Pokémon card most talked about, the 1st Edition Base Charizard is entrenched near the top of the list but will that last with all the recent Video Game sales? Truth be told, Charizard should always be a top 3 1990’s grail, due to massive demand and limited supply. That said, video game grader WATA is now owned by Collectors Universe, which owns PSA. This will cause more awareness for WATA, possibly a registry at some point. With auction houses including Video Games now, Charizard will have some stiff competition. 

1. 1996 Super Mario 64 Video Game $1,560,000.00

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Heritage Auctions

On July 11th, the Heritage Auction House sold this Video Game for a whopping $1,560,000.00. The game is graded by WATA, the premier Video Game grading service today. The grade is a 9.8 A++, which is the highest grade attainable from WATA. Do you have a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 in a closet somewhere?  

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