The 25 Best Movies Like 'Superbad' To Watch Right Now

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It's like trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice. To recapture the magic of Greg Mottola's 2007 Superbad would be to capture the hearts of a generation. The earliest screenwriting exploits from gut-busting duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg proved to be the launching pad for their already blossoming careers. Hawaiian organ donors, dirty cops, and boozy teenagers characterize this 21st-century classic. It has yet to be replicated, but a handful of films with palpable similarities exist. Here are 25 of the best movies like Superbad.

1. 'American Pie'

The teen sex comedy that has come to define sex comedies. Following a similar basic formula, American Pie is a quest for over-zealous high schoolers to lose their virginity. A pact is made between friends to complete this task before graduation. What follows is a raunchy, desperate trip through the hopeless sex life of horny high schoolers. Very similar to Superbad in terms of tone and humor, and it might even get more raunchy.

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2. 'Neighbors'

Not a Seth Rogen screenwriting exploit, you'll have to wait until the sequel for that, but similar to Superbad nonetheless. Raunchy and hilarious for the entire runtime. Neighbors follows new parents who have been forced into the dire situation of living right next to a fraternity. They first try to be civil and even try to become friendly with the neighbors, but a war erupts after the police get involved. Hysterical, emotional, and likable at the very least. Neighbors and Neighbors 2 are pleasant watches that will satisfy the Superbad craving.

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3. 'Neighbors 2'

The follow-up to Neighbors ups the ante by incorporating a sorority and teaming the former foes up to fight a common enemy. While not quite as funny as the original, Neighbors 2 still has plenty of laughs that will definitely keep you entertained.

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4. 'The Hangover'

One of the most quotable comedies of the modern era, The Hangover is adult Superbad if it were to exist. With a star-studded cast that mirrors the archetypes presented in Superbad, Phil, Stu, and Alan go through hell and back in both this film and the whole trilogy. A vegas story where three friends battle through a nasty hangover to save their friend at any cost. The Hangover is an absurd take on the dark sex comedy that is loosely(very loosely)based on true events, and it demands to be seen.

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5. 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'

Scratch what I said about American Pie, this is the real high school sex comedy pioneer. Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a film about high schoolers doping and finding love in SoCal. Incredibly witty with a million-miles-per-hour pace, this film has it all. Stereotypical characters that may be viewed as groan-worthy in the modern lens, but when viewed as a product of their time it proves to be hilarious and a great look into a bygone era of high school.

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6. 'The Daytrippers'

Greg Mottola's films have a certain unexplainable charm to them, and I think The Daytrippers exemplifies that perfectly. This is a film that, thanks to the Criterion Collection, has seen a bit of a resurgence of appreciation, and that's something I'm very happy about. Nearly as funny as Superbad but in an entirely unique way, Mottola shows off his comedic range by providing us with a road trip comedy with complex, hilarious family dynamics. Every character in this film developed at length in such a profound way, that it's no surprise that it packs an emotional punch towards the end.

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7. 'Adventureland'

Yet another entry in the Mottola comedy multiverse. Once again he shows off his comedic range by incorporating notoriously awkward character actors Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, who have continuously proven to have incredible chemistry(See: Cafe Society). A story of people being pulled together by a commonly shared anchor, a shitty summer job. A great example of how deep Mottola's comedy bag goes, and a film definitely worth watching.

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8. 'Good Boys'

Superbad aged down, is something not a lot of people think they want until they see Good Boys. A delightfully funny, quaint comedy that has been labeled as forgettable in recent years, but it doesn't deserve that title. Childish with childlike stakes, but still fun for people of all ages. A quest to fix a drone before they get in trouble turns into a journey into adolescence, and with joke after joke it proves to be Superbad-lite, absolutely worth watching

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9. '21 Jump Street'

My personal most quoted movies of all time. 21 Jump Street. and its successor 22 Jump Street. reign supreme as the most unique undercover cops movie out there. Hilarious and endlessly unique. Schmidt and Jenko are fighting against drug lords and performing slam poetry about dying for our "Cynthias", and it hits every single time. Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and the extensive writing team which includes the likes of Jonah Hill have a knack for comedy that ranges from delightful subtlety to grand performances of hilarity.

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10. '22 Jump Street

Taking things out of high school and onto college, 22 Jump Street is one of the best comedy sequels you'll ever watch.

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11. 'Project X'

This is how I imagine Superbad would have gone down had Seth, Evan, and Fogel thrown the party. In Project X, things spiral out of control in ways that are unimaginable. A movie that clearly wants to be Superbad, but is only a little bad. Project X is the little brother that shines when it's doing what it's made to do but falters when it tries to reach the heights set by big bro. Living in Superbad's shadow is not something to be ashamed of though. This film is respectable and desires admiration in its own right. Raunchy, unique, and batshit crazy, Project X has to be seen to be believed.

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12. 'Blockers'

A crazy night from the perspective of the parents. Similar formula but spun on its head. A trio of girls vows to lose their virginity at and after prom, their parents find out about this plan and hatch an intricate plan to stop it in its tracks. Endearing, witty, and constantly funny, Blockers is a raunchy new spin on the teen sex comedy that I would highly recommend.

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13. 'Dazed and Confused'

The first and superior entry into Richard Linklater's stoner school comedies. Dazed and Confused follows a group of teens on their last day of school, it flows between social groups and is effortlessly funny. A glorious, exciting, drug-fueled adventure through a teenage wasteland. As is to be expected with Linklater dialogue it's snappy and full of chemistry, your facial expression will range from a slight grin to hysterical laughter and never falter.

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14. 'This Is The End'

The directorial debut from the hottest comedic duo working is This Is The End, and unsurprisingly it became a big hit. This film has already solidified its spot in the comedy pantheon after only 9 years, and for good reason. A "who's who" of a cast with the most chemistry you'll ever see, an insane, apocalyptic storyline, and witty, hilarious writing that mirrors Superbad. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have a knack for writing hits, and This Is The End proves that.

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15. 'Sausage Party'

Raunchy doesn't even begin to describe it. Sausage Party is a screenwriting bout from the aforementioned duo and Jonah Hill, and it is one of the more controversial movies to hit theaters in a minute. Countless parents bringing their kids to what they expected was a kids' movie only to be met by the most sexual animated film ever made. Although it's not similar to Superbad at all content-wise, it shares the same bedroom humor that so many people love about Superbad.

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16. 'Pineapple Express'

A stoner comedy classic. Seth Rogen and James Franco star in an intense action-packed take on the subgenre. Almost all of the gags hit, and until the end, where many would argue the film jumps the shark, the comedy is consistent. Similar to Superbad in a sense, one that fans of Rogen are sure to love, and definitely one of the best movies like Superbad.

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17. 'Boogie Nights'

From acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson, Boogie Nights is an ensemble cast film that is a step above Superbad in the realm of sex. Characterized by an ensemble cast and eccentric sex workers. Charming and witty, Boogie Nights provides a good time with its suggestive comedy and deep look into the sex work industry.

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18. 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'

The Judd Apatow school of sex comedies. The 40-year-old Virgin is a directorial outing by the king of the subgenre. The film is exactly what it seems, Superbad brand comedy but fast-forwarded. Steve Carell gives a charming performance as the titular character, and through his friends and romantic conquests he sets off on an incredible adventure.

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19. 'Booksmart'

A night to remember is a phrase that can summarize both Superbad and Booksmart. Charming and increasingly crazy over the runtime, Booksmart doesn't share the same raunchy, sexual comedy as its predecessor, but it does have the same focus. At the heart of each film is great interpersonal dynamics, between Seth and Evan, and between them and their love interests. Booksmart accomplishes a similar feel with its saccharinity and heart.

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20. 'The Night Before'

Perfect for Christmas time or any time in between. The Night Before is an endlessly funny, often real stoner-sex comedy. One of my personal favorite Rogen films that I return to nearly every year around the holidays. Joined by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, this trio of on-screen lifelong friends exudes heaps of chemistry and charms. The characters go through realistic lows and absurdist highs, and it provides a fantastic time for the viewer every single time.

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21. 'Everybody Wants Some'

Another teen comedy from Richard Linklater, a director who has proven he knows how to write entertaining, realistic young people dialogue even in the later years of his career. A comedy where friends try to manage their newfound freedom in unsupervised adulthood. Creative, hilarious, and unique with its hangout feel. If you like Dazed and Confused you'll love this.

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22. 'Napoleon Dynamite'

The 2000's comedy with the greatest cult following is Napoleon Dynamite. Similar to Superbad mostly in terms of legacy and quotability, both stand the test of time and cement themselves as iconic pillars of comedic brilliance. A silly comedy that chronicles social awkwardness while dealing with big crushes and unbearable bullies. A different style of comedy than Superbad, but similar in terms of how the comedy comes to be, definitely worth watching

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23. 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

One of the most underappreciated comedies of the 2000s is Nicholas Stoller's 2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Notable for its emotional reality and complicated relationships, this film is charming in its depiction of romance in a semi-realistic way. Following Jason Segel as a struggling musician, it is equally hilarious, charming, and horrifyingly awkward.

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24. 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'

Starring Superbad alum Seth Rogen and frequent collaborator Craig Robinson and Elizabeth Banks, this film is full of the raunchy awkwardness of Superbad while touching on the hardships of adult life and the perils of mixed-gender friendships. When faced with the titular task, long-time roommates Zach and Miri realize it's more difficult than they thought. Directed by Kevin Smith, who has an eye for this style of comedy, Zach and Miri Make a Porno is guaranteed to provide some laughs.

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25. 'Take Me Home Tonight'

An aimless MIT grad works at a video store in part as an act of rebellion when he runs into his crush from High School. What unfolds for the rest of the film is reliving the more mature glory days of High School parties while being faced with the usual adulthood hurdles, sex, drugs, and corporate assholes. It has similar character archetypes to Superbad too, the lovable big guy who goes crazy over the course of the film in his own way, and the lead just searching for love. Take Me Home Tonight is nothing mind-blowing but it is an underseen 2010's comedy that shares numerous similarities to our comedic golden boy.

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