NASA Voyager 2, JUICE WRLD, Sonic and More: The Stories to Start Your Week Off With

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Another week, another batch of #content to sift through. The gang of ONE37pm editors met up to discuss stories that would make you—the reader—informed, entertained and amazed by what is going on in the world of hustle and grind. Some made the cut, while others were given the boot.

Here are some stories that were pitched that we just had to pull a Beyoncé on: TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT!

NASA's Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

Voyager 2, a probe NASA created in 1977, has reached exponential heights as another historical feat was made yesterday. For the second time in history, an object created by a team of scientists has entered the space between the stars. The handmade object left the heliosphere—the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields generated by the sun. Voyager 2 has proven to be a huge feat for science in space because an item that was made to last five years has been in existence for 41 years, making it the longest-running mission NASA in history. 

Is There a Juice WRLD/Kid Cudi Collab in the Works?

Rising star Juice WRLD has been heating up the streets with his summertime hit "Lucid Dreams" as well as his collaboration project with Future titled "WRLD on Drugs." Now, the Chicago-bred rapper is set to collab with another hit-making great. Juice WRLD recently took to Twitter to express his desires to work with rapper Kid Cudi.

WRLD has cited Cudi to be one of his inspirations to get involved in the rap game. He mentions how Cudi brings him inner peace. 

Is there world ready for an epic "humming session" from Cudder to go with the melodic trap sound of Juice WRLD's artistry? Only time will tell if this collaboration inquiry will come through but Cudder, if you are reading this.....give the kids what, what they want!?

A SEGA video game classic is making his way to the theatres

A revolution is about to be revitalized as a classic video game hero will be making an epic big-screen appearance. Sonic The Hedgehog will be making his box office appearance on November 15, 2019. Ben Schwartz, who appeared in the comedy smash, Night School with Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish, will be the voice of the supercharged hedgehog. While James Marsden, Tika Sumpter and Jim Carrey will also star in the live-action film.

Who's ready to see our favorite speedy, daredevil take down the evil Doctor Robotnik? Let's get ready to take it back to 1991. Blow on the cartridge and let's go for a ride.


Jay-Z shares his favorite songs of 2018

As we have roughly three weeks left to prepare for what to look forward to in 2019, it's time to be on the lookout for year-end recaps. 

One year-end recap that has people buzzing about is the music that was most liked by none other than Jay-Z. Mr. Shawn Carter took to his streaming platform, TIDAL, to reveal a playlist he curated called, "JAY-Z’s Year-End Picks." The Brooklyn lyrical mastermind chose 20 rap songs that were in heavy rotation throughout the year 2018. Some of the most notable songs Hov chose were Travis Scott's, "SICKO MODE", Sheck Wes, "Mo Bamba" and Drake's "Emotionless". He even blessed Kanye with a recognition by adding " Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)" off of his collaborative project with Kid Cudi.

Guess when he's not decapitating rappers on their own tracks, he has his ear to the streets. Hov has a bright future in putting some dope tunes together.

Be ready to have your head bopping to some of this year's biggest hits on TIDAL like.......

End of an era

All eyes were set at the Staples Center as sports fans watched one final matchup of two of the greatest players ever to put on an NBA uniform.

The Miami Heat was in town to play against the LA Lakers which means fans get to witness one last showdown between LeBron James and one of his closest friends, Dwyane Wade. What makes this matchup so epic is that this will be Wade's final time playing an away game for the Heat at the Staples Center. During the offseason, Wade announced that this would be his last year as an NBA player. 

The game came down to the last possession as Wade got the ball and James was guarding him. Wade made a move and fired a three-point shot that was way off. James secured the long rebound in which capped off an epic final showdown that Lakers won 108-105.

The real moment of the night came when the game ended, and two great competitors became friends and embraced one another like the true champions they are. Yes, you're eyes were sweating, not mine. 

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