In Honor of National Anime Day, Here Are 5 Animes to Watch Right Now


Anime is getting bigger and bigger and as gaming continues to grow, we will likely see anime get bigger as well. It's an interesting phenomenon because they aren't directly related.

Today is National Anime Day, so if you're a fan or just looking to get into the genre, you'll need some great shows and movies to watch. We've compiled five of our favorites, and we want to stress that this list is not ranked at all but is just for people who want to get into anime and want to know what to watch.

1. 'Attack On Titan'

Watch on Hulu

2. 'Full Metal Alchemist'

watch on netflix

3. 'Jujutsu Kaisen'

watch on HBO Max

4. 'Demon Slayer'

watch on Hulu

5. 'Death Note'

watch on Netflix
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