12 Best Movies and Shows Added to Netflix in December

… and when and why to watch them this busy holiday season

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Avengers: Infinity War/Friday/The American Meme

For your 12 days of Christmas, ONE37pm gave to you ... 12 Netflix recs! You're welcome. These are the films, shows and docs arriving on Netflix this December. They’ll help you survive any holiday season scenario with your fam, friends and significant other.

1. Friday

Available: Starting Dec. 1 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you feel like yelling “Bye Felicia” at your holiday party.

Why watch it: Daaaaaaaaamn! We’ve waited so many Fridays for this 1995 stoner classic, starring dynamic duo Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, to drop on Netflix. The streaming service also added Friday After Next, the third flick in the Friday series. Friday sequel Next Friday was already available, so it's time to binge all three.

2. Avengers: Infinity War

Available: Starting Dec. 25 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you’re numb from your holiday meals and want to feel an adrenaline spike (paired with a cry-yourself-to-sleep ending) on Christmas Day. 

Why watch it: Where is Gamora? Who is Gamora? Why is Gamora? Get all these questions answered in this Avengers film that left moviegoers in a state of shock when it first dominated theaters in 2018. “I don’t feel so good” is an understatement. 

3. The American Meme

Available: Starting Dec. 7 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you need inspo for what to post on your socials to show off your hometowns or glorious gift haul.

Why watch it: What’s it take to build an online empire? This documentary follows social media stars Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky, Brittany Furlan and Kirill Bichutsky as they find ways to entertain their millions of followers while making bank.

4. The Theory of Everything

Available: Starting Dec. 16 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you need a complex love story to watch while cuddling with someone you love beside the fireplace.

Why watch it: Eddie Redmayne gives a masterclass in acting (he won the Oscar for Best Actor for this role) as he transforms from the young, agile Stephen Hawking into the wheelchair-bound astrophysicist living with motor-neuron disease. Redmayne visited Hawking before filming to nail down his humor, wit and mischief behavior.

5. Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Part 5

Available: Starting Dec. 12 // Recommended by Trey Taylor

⌚️When to watch it: When you’re emotionally lonely and want to watch people hook up without any manufactured drama.

Why watch it: This is less a recommendation to watch Part 5 of Terrace House and more a recommendation to watch Terrace House in general. ICYMI, the Japanese reality series has been called “punishingly mundane” by The New York Times—and it’s true. Nothing really happens. It’s like The Real World if it were actually real. Six Japanese men and women in their teens and twenties enter a house and… live. Together. Sometimes they hook up or pursue an on-camera career venture. Mostly they just hang out, and it is fascinating. The cultural codes that exist in Japan are on full display here, and even if you’re only vaguely interested in how things work in life and love in the Land of the Rising Sun, it’s worth giving it a whirl.

6. Prince of Peoria: A Christmas Moose Miracle

Available: Starting Dec. 14 // Recommended by Trey Taylor

⌚️When to watch it: When the Hallmark TV movie miracles are no longer feeling so miraculous.

Why watch it: The B-list Christmas movie pile-up on Netflix is just getting started. With their tentpole release out of the way in the form of Vanessa Hudgens as a Chicago princess in The Princess Switch (five stars, available now), and other properties like A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and The Christmas Chronicles out of the way, the streaming giant has decided to open the hatch for a Moose Miracle. A Christmas Moose Miracle, that is. But this isn’t just an animal-centric tale—how could they forget the royal ingredient? Someone named Teddy wants to see the Festival of Lights, but he is stuck in a bowling alley and I guess Christmas is in peril. Until a moose saves the day? If Vanessa Hudgens can win a baking competition in Belgravia and become a princess in less than a week than this makes sense.

7. The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man

Available: Starting Dec. 31 // Recommended by Trey Taylor

⌚️When to watch it: When you have exhausted all your rewatches of Wedding Crashers.

Why watch it: Bill Murray sometimes crashes parties just to do the dishes. He’ll crop up in the wedding photos of complete strangers or join a bachelor party. But the actor famously does not employ an agent. If you want him in your movie, you have to dial a number and leave a voicemail. He may or may not return your call. How the hell does this guy, who is so hard to pin down, appear at whim in the lives of so many? Director Tommy Avallone tracks down the regular joes whose lives have been upended by the formidable star.

8. Watership Down

Available: "Coming in December" // Recommended by Trey Taylor

⌚️When to watch it: When your pets die, maybe?

Why watch it: There was a 1978 film version of the beloved British book Watership Down by Martin Rosen, but nothing of much consequence since. A few television series here and there, but Netflix is finally giving this book its due with a limited animated series starring James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult and John Boyega.

9. Roma

Available: Starting Dec. 14 // Recommended by Trey Taylor

⌚️When to watch it: As soon as it’s released!!!

Why watch it: Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film, which I recently discovered is only screening at like two theaters on the weekends in New York City and was sold out yesterday so I had to find new plans, has already made a lot of best-of 2018 lists. It’s all in black and white and takes place in Mexico during the '70s. It trails the life of one middle-class family and has been said to be “a beautiful movie” and “a masterpiece” by various outlets who know about this sort of thing.

10. Blue Planet II: Season 1

Available: Starting Dec. 3 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you want to be the cool uncle or aunt by teaching your nephews and nieces about how beautiful and mysterious the world is.

Why watch it: This BBC nature documentary is a visual overload of everything endearing about Earth. Channel your inner explorer and dive into the wonders of the ocean.

11. Springsteen on Broadway

Available: Starting Dec. 16 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you’re itching to attend a concert but can’t move from the couch.

Why watch it: The Boss is on Netflix. I repeat: THE BOSS IS ON NETFLIX! Bruce Springsteen takes his one-man Broadway residency to the small screen in Springsteen on Broadway. Yes, you'll hear acoustic versions of "Born to Run," "Thunder Road," "Born in the U.S.A." and more.

12. Nailed It! Holiday

Available: Starting Dec. 7 // Recommended by Brian Anthony Hernandez

⌚️When to watch it: When you’re craving to see someone else fail worst than you at baking.

Why watch it: Fill your home with uncontrollable laughter with this holiday special inspired by the reality bake-off competition Nailed It! Host Nicole Byer’s antics won’t leave you disappointed, like the fruitcake no one has touched at the holiday party.

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