The 10 Best TV and Film Trailers from New York Comic Con 2021

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The Jacob Javits Center is open once again! 

And now the biggest geek culture expo in the “Big Apple” is back in full swing. New York City Comic Con 2021 returned as an in-person gathering and gave fans from every corner of the nerd-verse a welcome return to form. Cosplayers came out to stunt in their anime, gaming, comic book, etc. inspired drip, of course. And there were plenty of panels where major announcements were made. And with some of those reveals, we were treated to some new footage of upcoming tv shows and films. 

Now that NYCC 2021 has finally wrapped up, it’s time to take a look at all the significant trailers that came our way over the entirety of the event.

1. ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’

We’re getting a brand new Dragon Ball Super film, y’all! And just like the last two movie entries in the long-running anime series, this one adopts a different animation style that’s comparable to the anime-inspired 3D cinematics featured in video games. The latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero showcased some familiar faces, such as Goku and Piccolo. Plus we got a quick glimpse at Broly, who was shown for a split second during a rematch with Goku. Pan was also shown as she’s right in the middle of her training as a toddler. The film’s plot details are still a bit hazy, but it looks like Goku and Piccolo are going to have their hands full battling against two new baddies named Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is slated to drop in Japanese theaters next year. As for the US? We still don’t have a confirmed release date, sadly...

2. ‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’

Adult Swim's Toonami block is getting a brand new show that’s fully dedicated to expanding the lore within the Blade Runner universe. A brand new trailer for the show debuted at NYCC 2021 and it has us super excited for what’s to come once it premiers on Saturday, November 13th at midnight. Joseph Chou, the executive director of Blade Runner: Black Lotus, said during a panel that the creation of his new show can be traced back to The Animatrix. From the new footage we’ve seen, that key inspiration is definitely noticeable. The synopsis for Blade Runner: Black Lotus is as follows - set in the year 2032, this new series takes place between the events from the first Blade Runner film and Blade Runner 2047. It also transpires 10 years after the 2022 “blackout” and will focus on the massive changes in society and the technological degradation caused by that major event.

3. ‘Shenmue the Animation’

The Sega Dreamcast open-world epic that revolutionized gaming is getting its own anime adaptation and it looks like it’ll be worth checking out. The first trailer for the 2022 series finally came out and it shows off several moments from the first game in full anime form. The show’s amalgamation of hand-drawn and computer animation is quite striking - watching Ryo Hazuki put in work with his martial arts mastery against random goons and familiar foes already looks amazing through those visual styles. Yu Suzuki, the director of all three games in the Shenmue series, is working on the anime as its executive producer. So at least we know this show is in good hands. Shenmue the Animation will comprise 13 episodes and air on Adult Swim and stream on Crunchyroll in dubbed form. We can’t wait!

4. ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’

Amazon Prime Video has some animated heat coming next year on February 4! And what’s even cooler about that is the fact that that new series is based on the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role. The beloved castmates from Critical Role actually did a live read of a scene from the show’s first episode, which was an awesome treat that showed just how much of a string unit they are as real-life companions. Vex'ahlia, Vax'ildan, Percival de Rolo, Pike Trickfoot, Keyleth, Scanlan Shorthalt, and Grog Strongjaw are going to get caught up in a whole lot of hilarious hijinks within The Legend of Vox Machina’s fantastical medieval world. Thanks to the mega-successful Kickstarter campaign and Amazon’s decision to pick up the series, The Legend of Vox Machina will deliver 24 episodes that we can’t wait to see unfold.

5. ‘The Expanse’

It’s so hard to say goodbye, isn’t it? If you’ve been rocking with the Amazon Prime Video series The Expanse for this long, then you know it’s time to prepare for the sixth and final season. And unlike the previous seasons that ran for 10-13 episodes, this final farewell will deliver just six episodes. The release date for the upcoming season was revealed at NYCC 2021 and it’s December 10, so you have ample time to catch up on previous episodes if you haven’t already. For those of you who’ve read through the sixth Expanse novel Babylon’s Ashes and the novella Strange Dogs, you already know you’re going to be in for quite the wild ride during this last batch of episodes. It’s time to tie up all the loose ends in The Expanse’s conflict-driven universe.

6. ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

90s babies fondly look back on two slasher flicks to this day - Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Amazon Prime Video is ready to revive that aforementioned 1997 classic in the form of a brand new series. The first slice of footage from the upcoming thriller, which is set to premiere on October 15, showcased the fresh cast of rowdy youngsters doing the very thing that got them hunted by a ruthless killer. That car accident scene sure took us back. The coolest part about the panel for I Know What You Did Last Summer was the surprising appearance of the film’s original cast, who popped up to ask the new cast some fun questions. Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Jennifer Love Hewitt still look amazing, by the way.

7. ‘Outlander’

Outlander, which is the smash-hit historical drama series from Starz, gave its fans a closer look at the upcoming sixth season. If you’ve read the novels extensively and have been keeping up the series thus far, then we’re sure you let out a scream of absolute glee at the sight of this new teaser footage. The last season ended on a tense note as viewers got to see Claire escape a brutal confrontation with Lionel Brown and make her welcome return to Fraser’s Ridge. As we make our way back to the ridge, the Revolutionary War is beginning to take shape. Now Claire and Jamie must confront this threat to their family's wellbeing. Outlander is set to return in 2022.

8.’Star Trek: Prodigy’

Nickelodeon and CBS Studios’ Eye Animation Productions are taking the Star Trek franchise into the world of 3D animation with the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy series. Even though it’s aimed at younger audiences, even older fans of the space-faring franchise have a lot to look forward to and enjoy. This new series, which is set to premiere on October 28 on Paramount+, will follow a ragtag group of aliens who embark on a grand journey that centers around finding a better future for themselves. On the voice casting side of things, Star Trek: Prodigy features Daveed Diggs, Jameela Jamil, Jason Alexander, Robert Beltran, Mulgrew Brett Gray, Rylee Alazraqui, and Dee Bradley Baker have all been cast.

9. ‘Hanna’

Based on the 2011 film of the same name, Amazon Prime Video’s Hanna follows a young woman of the same name that’s been trained as an assassin. A teaser trailer for the show’s third season debuted at New York Comic Con, which gave us a sneak peek at Hanna’s attempt at taking down the very same organization that trained her in the first place. The action sequences we got to see were fire, plus the continued tense atmosphere attached to the series’ huge sense of espionage & wild conspiracies remains intact. We can’t wait to see how Hanna, her enemy turned ally Marissa Wiegler, and John Carmichael work together to bring down Utrax once and for all.

10. 'Psych 3: This is Gus'

USA's hilarious detective comedy series Psych has come to a close, but extended films have been made to feed the hunger of the show's hardcore "PsychOs" fanbase. Psych: The Movie and Psych 2: Lassie Come Home are already out and now we're getting the sequel in Psych 3: This is Gus. The trailer for that highly anticipated Peacock exclusive film is out and it shows Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster embarking on a new case - investigating the double life and estranged husband of Gus’ fiancée Selene. Plenty of hilarity ensues, which lets us know that the spirit of Psych hasn't gone anywhere for its latest movie spinoff.

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