Meet the Chef Who’s Mixing Up Outrageous Recipes for Gamers

josh elkin planters mobile

Perogi Tacos. Deep Dish Breakfast Pizza. Peanut Brittle Chicken? Chef Josh Elkin is not afraid to think outside the box—especially when it comes to food. 

From his YouTube cooking series “TheJoshElkin”, where he shows us how to recreate some of his crazy Insta-approved meals to his Facebook channel where he crafts gamer-approved snack foods, Josh has a knack for coming up with eye-catching dishes and a drive for finding the best ways to share them.

We recently partnered up with him and PLANTERS on the set of a new video, “Hungry for More.” Watch below to get a peek into Josh’s kitchen, find out what a typical day looks like for him and get some advice for how to create your own nutty concoctions (pun intended).