The 25 Best 'Power Rangers' Villains, Ranked

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It takes a hell of a lot to have decades in the game and be a respected franchise when it comes to kids’ entertainment, but that’s exactly what Power Rangers has done. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, the series has stuck around year after year on television network after television network and generation after generation. If you want a full recap of the series, check out our piece here. If you are in search of shows that are similar to Power Rangers, you can also check our guide here.

Of course, the Power Rangers wouldn’t be who they were if they didn’t have some worthy competition to fight. Below, we’ve made a list of the 25 best Power Rangers villains, in order.

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25. Tenaya

  • Appears in: Power Rangers RPM

Appearing in RPM, Tenaya 7 (later known as Tenaya 15) was an average human until Venjix, the virus that appears much higher up on this list, turned her into a human-robot-hybrid, whilst still looking like a human the entire time. Even when the Rangers had their weapons, she was able to out-fight them.

24. Goldar

  • Appears in: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Goldar’s character ended up going left which is why he isn’t higher on his list, but in his heyday, he was the man. Easily the most powerful of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd’s Evil Space Aliens, Goldar could take it as well as he could give it, being able to resist multiple Megazord attacks.

23. Diabolico

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Diabolico was the main enemy for a while in Lightspeed Rescue before Queen Bansheera returned. She granted him extra powers which made him a formidable opponent for the Rangers. He even was there in spiritual form when he had been locked up.

22. Admiral Malkor

  • Appeared in: Power Rangers Megaforce

The leader of the Warstar, Admiral Malkor was the secondary antagonist in Power Rangers Megaforce. He’s on this list because of how he brings the Armada to Earth, which means that all classic Power Rangers must come together for the win. 

21. Ransik

The Illuminerdi
  • Appears in: Power Rangers Time Force

One of the most ambitious Power Rangers villains of all time, Ransik travelled back from the year 3000 to 2001 (when Time Force aired) to defeat those specific Rangers. He’s the most powerful Mutant that exists and, spoiler alert, turned a new leaf by the end of the series.

20. Queen Bansheera

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Easily one of the more ruthless Power Rangers villains ever, Queen Bansheera was not unwilling to sacrifice her own son for her goals. She was also an unbelievable strategist when it came to putting her minions out to battle.

19. Rita Repulsa

Superhero Wiki
  • Appears in: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa is arguably the most infamous of the Power Rangers villains, being the longest-lasting in franchise history, appearing in multiple different seasons. While you could discredit some of her individual powers, that takes something special.

18. Mesogog

  • Appears in: Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Wanting to return the world to a pre-historic era, Mesogog was the extremely powerful villain in Power Rangers Dino Thunder that could be much higher on this list if it were not for his human side, the scientist Anton Mercer, taking over at crucial times. 

17. Dark Specter

  • Appears In: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Dark Specter doesn’t get enough credit for his villainous ways. He pulled strings, bringing back many old villains and getting them to do the dirty work. There’s value in that. In the end, it took an attack with the ability to wipe out the entire planet just to destroy him.

16. Trakeena

Villains Wiki
  • Appears in: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

The main villain from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Trakeena proved to be even more evil than her father Scorpius, which is quite the feat. She went out of her way to make her own plans to defeat the Rangers and almost succeeded, which is why she returned in Lightspeed Rescue.

15. Sledge

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Sledge deserves respect for the vast amount of enemies he led after capturing them through his bounty hunting, if nothing else. His quest for the Energems put him on the Rangers’ radar in Dino Charge and perhaps he would have gotten them if not for them.

14. Ivan Ooze

Everything Power Rangers Wiki
  • Appears in: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Appearing in the Mighty Morphin movie, Ivan Ooze deserves a spot on this list over some main antagonists in the Power Rangers series because he achieved something massive in such a short time. He stripped the Rangers of their powers relatively quickly. It took Rita Repulsa multiple seasons to do this.

13. Lothor

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Lothor gets looked down upon some in the Power Rangers fandom because of the comedic element in his personality, but, admittedly being biased because I watched Ninja Storm as a child, I loved it. He also failed due to his team and not the Rangers, which counts for something.

12. The Warstar Empire

Power Rangers Unpatched
  • Appears in: Power Rangers Megaforce

Consisting of an innumerable amount of Insectoids, Warstar deserves a spot on this list separately from Vrak and Admiral Malkor due to its sheer size. Individually, Insectoids weren’t special and posed no extra threat to the Power Rangers, but together, they were greater than the sum of their parts.

11. Astronema

  • Appears in: Power Rangers in Space

Dark Specter’s protégé, Astronema was also the sister of the Red Ranger. Whenever there’s a family collection between the Rangers and their enemy, like the aforementioned Lothor being a Ranger’s uncle, it makes things all the more tense. She almost took over the galaxy too.

10. Koragg, The Knight Wolf

Villains Wiki
  • Appears in: Power Rangers Mystic Force

Created by Octomus The Master, Koragg was used by harnessing the powers of Leanbow, a warrior who sacrificed himself two decades before the events of Mystic Force. This ended up costing him in the long run, thinking too much about honour in battle.

9. The Machine Empire

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Zeo,  Power Rangers Wild Force 

Like the Warstar Empire was compromised of Insectoids, the Machine Empire was compromised of machines. Making their mark in Power Rangers Zeo, if they hadn’t have succumbed to their own vanity, they’d definitely have a higher spot on this list. 

8. Omni The Magnificence

  • Appears in: Power Rangers S.P.D.

For the length of SPD, Omni The Magnificence seemed invincible. So how did it get defeated, you might ask? Anubis Cruger, the season’s Shadow Ranger, accidentally ended up inside him, thus opening up a chink in his armour for the Rangers to exploit.

7. The Psycho Rangers

  • Appears in: Power Rangers in Space

One of the more unique sets of villains in franchise history, The Psycho Rangers are responsible for one of the most iconic moments in the Power Rangers’ history. The Pink Psycho Ranger is responsible for the sole killing of a Power Ranger.

6. Octomus The Master

Morphin' Legacy
  • Appears in: Power Rangers Mystic Force

The main enemy from Mystic Force, Octomus is one of the scariest looking villains in the entire series. A demonic presence that hangs over the entire season, The Master rules over all villains and had he not underestimated the Rangers when he came to Earth, who knows what could have happened?

5. Dai Shi

  • Appears in: Power Rangers Jungle Fury

An evil eight-headed dragon from Jungle Fury? Sign us up. Like a few villains on this list, especially higher up, Dai Shi was near invincible when it came to being able to resist attacks. It was Jarrod’s own doing that defeated him. 

4. Ancient Master Org

Villains Wiki
  • Appears in: Power Rangers: Wild Force

There’s something poetic to the fact that of all of the villains in Power Rangers, whether they’re Insectoids, Aliens or Machines, a human is one of the more cunning and vicious. Master Org’s looks were deceiving, because he looked like a sickly old man, but had the fury of any of the villains on this list.

3. Venjix

  • Appears in: Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Just like we now know all too well how a virus can adapt and mutant, Venjix, the computer virus, could be defeated, only to come back stronger in that area. Its scope on the franchise was vast, with entires countries bombed to shreds.

2. Lord Drakkon

  • Appears in: Go Go Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 

A rare comic book entry on the list, Lord Drakkon appears during the Shattered Grid event in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books. An alternative version of Tommy Oliver, Drakkon joined Rita Repulsa here and surpassed her, defeating several Power Rangers while in charge.

1. Lord Zedd

  • Appears in: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Lord Zedd was such a fearsome force in Power Rangers that parents notably complained enough for writers of the show to soften him up. Rita Repulsa was even scared of him banishing her because he was more powerful in just about every aspect. He went one-on-one with the White Ranger and lost by a hair.

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