Richard Branson’s Reactions to Everything Ryan Reynolds Says in This Video Are Priceless

'For fuck's sake,' the billionaire entrepreneur mutters before walking out on the movie star

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Virgin Atlantic/Aviation

In a hilarious commercial announcing a partnership between Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic and Ryan Reynolds’s Aviation Gin, the Deadpool actor tries his hardest to impress the billionaire serial entrepreneur with business jargon and dramatic "merger" talk. The look on Branson’s face is one of confusion that eventually boils over into annoyance, with the Virgin founder muttering “for fuck’s sake” and walking off the set.

Sure, it’s all acting, but play along while watching for a dose of laughter.

Funny, right? Reynolds has been using humor on social media to promote his gin brand ever since he became the owner of Aviation in February.

And the humorous gin promos kept coming in the ensuing months, once proclaiming it "tastes like god cried in your mouth," up until this week's well-played Virgin-Aviation announcement. August was a particularly excellent month for quirky self-promotion.

Need more video stimulation from the actor-turned-businessman? Here you go. 

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