Roxana Saidi, Founder Of Táche Pistachio Milk, Is Looking Beyond Dairy

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Roxana Saidi, the Founder, and CEO of Táche Pistachio Milk, was this week’s guest on Open Dialogue with Phil Toronto. The two discussed Táche, what the Táche company does, brand consulting, and when it all started.

“Táche is a two-month-old company, and we are the first true pistachio milk in the US. We are an oil-free, distinctly delicious plant-based milk made from Pistachios, and it requires significantly less amount of water than almond milk,” said Saidi.

Being the first at anything is not easy, and according to Saidi, it took five years to bring Táche to market. However, she did mention that it was on the back burner while she was involved with consultant work.

“It took five years, and most of the time, it was in the background while I was doing consulting on brand strategy for other brands. But, this brand is unique, and I really wanted to make a barista blend. So, I am a big coffee person; my mom probably gave me my first cappuccino at age nine, which she hates when I say it, but it is the truth.

You must really scale the business before you can even launch. I mean that no one will take your product unless you care to do 100,000 units in this type of manufacturing. On your very first production run, most want more, like a quarter of a million. I had to scale the business before we launched, and that took some time. Fundraising the funds was a challenge because you can’t bootstrap that type of volume out of the gate.”

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