Would You Buy a 219-Inch TV?

It’s as wide as an adult giraffe is tall

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Samsung Electronics

Imagine seeing The Wall from Game of Thrones, a 300-mile-by-700-foot structure, on Samsung's The Wall, a massive television spanning 219 inches. Samsung Electronics debuted the beast, an update of last year's 146-inch version, at CES 2019. 

Just how big is this TV? It is 18 feet, meaning it's nearly as wide as an adult giraffe is tall and almost two and a half times wider than wrestling legend André the Giant’s height. 

Aside from being a place to watch your favorite shows and movies, The Wall can double as art because of its "Feature Wall" feature, which lets you switch the screen to framed artwork or photos to blend in with the room the TV is in. You also can adjust the screen if the full size is too big for certain viewings or rooms.

"We consulted with interior designers to ensure that a broad range of styles would be represented," Samsung designer Yoojin Choi said in a statement. "New development stages were devised for this product, from conducting historical research that helped us capture the essence of period design, such as Victorian or Georgian style, to testing the angles of shadows by constructing a temporary wall. ... We developed The Wall so that a single side of the room really can be replaced by a screen."

The price for The Wall is still unknown, but the price tag is anticipated to be steep. It's likely going to be a while before The Wall is widely available, as companies and a select consumer base will get their hands on it first.

For now, Samsung is building quite the buzz for the 219-inch beauty, with the size attracting polarizing opinions. We recently asked our ONE37pm followers on Twitter if they would buy this TV when it hits the market. Here's what they had to say: 

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