Sean Paul's 2003 Hit "Get Busy" Has Become the Latest TikTok Trend

We're taking it back to the summer of 2003

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Can somebody please invent a time machine to take us back to the early 2000s? I guess until then we’ll have to rely on the mobile time machine that is TikTok. One of the latest dance trends taking over the app recently has been Sean Paul’s 2003 smash “Get Busy.” The early to mid-2000s were an interesting time in the music industry as it marked a period of many reggae and dancehall songs crossing over onto the U.S. charts and becoming popular. While there have been some reggae/dancehall tracks to experience decent success in the years since, we haven’t quite seen it rise to the level of that 2000s period again making this a memorable time in music history.

Fittingly, “Get Busy” also recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in January making this trend a timely one. As usual, we’re going to break down the history of the song, give you a couple of rare videos, and show you how you can get in on the challenge.

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Get Busy Song History

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“Get Busy” was released by Sean Paul on January 27th, 2003, as the second single of his sophomore album Dutty Rock. Paul had previously experienced success with the album’s first single “Gimme the Light,” which was released internationally in 2002 becoming a top 10 hit in the U.S., and was looking to add on to his growing popularity with his next single. “Get Busy,” was recorded on top of the popular Diwali Riddim made by producer Steve Marsden, and was described as a party song “that wasn’t just about smoking weed.”

Needless to say, the song was pretty much a summer hit, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks. The single also hit No. 1 in Italy and the Netherlands, along with becoming a top ten hit in eleven other countries.

Get Busy Music Video

Get Busy Live Performances

TikTok Trend

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Now this isn’t the first time “Get Busy” has gone viral on TikTok (a mashup of the track went viral back in 2020), which speaks to the longevity of this song. This time around, however, there are two challenges happening on the app. One is more of a freestyle, while the other is a choreographed routine to the instrumental version. Here are some of our favorites. 

That wraps up this week's trend. Make sure to keep up with us for TikTok trends and content.

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