Meet Sienna Mae Gomez— The TikTok Star Known For Her Positivity

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This week’s episode of TikTok’s For You podcast features special guest Sienna Mae Gomez, the California content creator known for her body-positive dance videos and duets.

Gomez: I still have the texts from where I told my friends to follow the @spicylatina account—it had eight followers. At first I was lowkey embarrassed, but I’m also somebody who doesn’t really get embarrassed by things because if you let people know, then they’ll be like “Oh that’s embarrassing!” The comments were thanking me for posting the video—which I didn’t really understand how a silly video could help make a change. The next one I posted was a duet, and I was like “How did this blow up?” It was supposed to be friends only, but everyone told me they loved it. At first I was confused as to why people liked it, but as I started posting more, I began seeing the comments about realistic middle-body representatives. So I began having more fun and gaining confidence.

Broski: I’m sure when you go live you recognize names. Are you pretty close with your following?

Gomez: Oh yeah, I have my group chats. One of them is ‘Sienna’s Swaggy Baes,’ and I’ll go into the groups and chat with them. My dad will even do video chats sometimes! I called my fans the ‘Acorns’ before because of the squirrel stuff, so now when I go into the chats everyone is like “Acorns Unite!” I love it—they represent themselves!