A Recap of the "Succession" Finale: 'All the Bells Say'

Well that's it, isn't it? What a way to end this season of ups and downs—with a major down that's in reality a big up. In the main sense, Roman, Shiv, and Kendall are being completely removed from Waystar, though at the same time, the three of them were finally able to mend their broken relationships. The episode itself was a masterful ending to quite the stressful season, and if it had been the last episode of the entire series, I would have been okay with that.

In some ways, this episode was possibly too much like the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, 'Dying For Pie,' where Squidward accidentally gives SpongeBob a pie with a bomb in it to eat. The two are watching the sunset together—Squidward knowing that at any second, SpongeBob could explode, and SpongeBob, completely unaware of that fact—and Spongebob says, “You know, if I were to die right now in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend, that’d just be OK.”

The final episode opens up with a fairly unfamiliar scene of Logan reading a book to his grandson, Iverson, as he reassures him that his father is okay—but not before asking him if he's too old to be reading this book.

At a table outside playing Monopoly, the siblings sans Kendall are discussing what happened to him in the pool, and, apparently, Comfrey had to save him when he dozed off—he even had to stay overnight in the hospital. Finally walking up to the game of Monopoly, Kendall is clearly very off his game and tells everyone that he's considering leaving before the wedding even starts.

After Kendall walks away, Gerri informs the group that the Department of Justice is going to be hitting them with massive fines and that Gojo's market cap has overtaken Waystar's. In addition, she mentions that Gojo's board might be leaning towards other options instead of being acquired by Waystar.

Upon this knowledge, Logan decides to bring Roman along with him to meet with Mattson, who flips things and presents the idea to buy Waystar instead. Though this seems like it would've been a no-brainer for Logan to immediately shoot down, he pauses and considers it, eventually sending Roman home as he discusses further with Mattson.

Back at the wedding venue, Shiv, Connor, and Roman have called a meeting with Kendall to sit down and have an intervention, as they all feel that the pool incident was a suicide attempt. He assures them that it was just an accident, but they continue on and tell them that they love him, as they're worried about his drug use, alcohol use, and overall mental state. Kendall then asks them if they know what it's like to be the eldest son and be promised something, only to have it be taken away, which sparks an argument with Connor, as he says that he is, in fact, the technical eldest son.

Still upset from before, Connor is getting ready to leave for the wedding with Willa, who finally agrees to marry him. This puts him in a better mood just in time for the wedding, though it doesn't seem like much thought has gone into the marriage idea on Willa's end of things. Karl and Frank then arrive—at first seemingly to attend the wedding, but they end up going to a different building instead to meet with Logan.

Shiv asks Roman how the deal went with Mattson, but he's extremely vague with his answer, which makes Shiv believe that things maybe aren't going as they should be.

Connor tells everyone about his own marriage news and they subsequently discuss how they believe that Logan is trying to have a child with Kerry. This of course prompts Tom to bring up the same discussion with Shiv, which clearly makes her uncomfortable and distant.

Gerri then alerts the team that Larry (an investor) from Gojo has arrived and is headed over to Lake Maggiore to meet with Mattson, a clear sign that something very different is going on with the original deal. Shiv is wondering why Mattson would need financing if they're being acquired by Waystar.

While Greg is vying for a princess to launch himself into the title of Duke instead of Comfrey, Roman takes charge and finally asks Kerry why she's been lying to them about the deal. At that point, Roman finally tells Shiv that there's a possibility that Waystar could be bought by Gojo. Upset that he hadn't told her earlier, she jumps into action and heads straight for Kendall.

"I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important," Shiv says to him. Finally agreeing to help them out, Kendall heads over with them to a more discreet location to figure things out. However, once there, Kendall decides to sit down silently on the dirt ground. It's a sad shot as he sits there looking completely dejected and lifeless; "I'm all alone," he says.

Kendall tells them that there's something seriously wrong with him and that he's been feeling very disconnected from both his children and his business work; he eventually breaks down and cries a number of times, clearly affected by the events of the past few months.

Shiv and Roman huddle around Kendall and try to have him look at the more positive aspects of his life, attempting to cheer him up by cracking jokes. Shockingly, Kendall then confesses to killing the waiter from Shiv's wedding, which catches them completely off guard. He fully blames himself, but Roman and Shiv have him look at it from a different perspective, which makes him feel a little better about the situation.

After Shiv gets a call from Laird telling her that they're going to be buying Waystar, the three get in a car and head to their father's secret headquarters. Although Roman is initially hesitant, he finally agrees to go along.

On the car ride over, the three of them make various calls about the impending deal, letting everyone know what's about to go down, including Tom. Kendall gets into his serious business headspace and starts coming up with a plan on the car ride over, which is to use the fact that in their parents' divorce agreement, their mother made sure that Waystar would need a supermajority with all of the children to sell the company. Given that information, they're going to stonewall their father from selling away Waystar to Gojo and force a shareholders meeting, where they'll vote him out.

Back at the wedding venue, Tom approaches Greg and asks him if he'd come along and join him in a new venture as his "attack dog," where he could be at "the bottom of the top" of the key players. Greg graciously accepts, though not completely sure of what it's actually about.

Upon arriving at Logan's headquarters, the siblings are initially barred from seeing their father by security, though they're finally let in once he knows that it's them. They're clearly walking into something that they weren't supposed to be part of, as Gerri, Karl, Frank, and Kerry are all sitting in the room with Logan.

They confront their father, who claims that it's the best moment to sell with the fact that broadcast news is fading: being owned by a tech company will save Waystar. Logan then asks Roman to remove Kendall from the room, who hesitates but decides not to tell his brother to leave. After hearing their side of things, Logan then wants to leave the meeting entirely with Roman, who again sides with his siblings.

Although Roman is having an extremely tough time not being on his father's side, he still stands with his siblings as they tell him that he needs a supermajority to sell the company. With that information, Logan quickly gets Caroline, their mother, on the phone to tell them about the changes in their divorce agreement. Apparently, Caroline has decided to take out the part of the agreement that calls for a supermajority with their children.

And with that information, Logan leaves the room alone. The siblings realize that someone has obviously ratted on them and told their father about the supermajority beforehand. With that just being said, Tom walks through the door, a clear indication that he was the one who betrayed them. Shiv is completely shaken by this realization, and as he comes over the hug her, her eyes freeze as they look ahead at nothing at all.

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