ONE37pm's Theories on Where Season 3 of "Succession" Is Headed

I think it's safe to say that we all feel a bit like Greg The Egg after these past two episodes of Succession—kind of just wandering around, aware that something's happening but not quite sure of what to make of it. Taking place almost immediately following Kendall's press conference gone-awry from the end of last season, season three has already left us with a number of questions. Namely, who's actually taking over Waystar (for the moment)? And is it possible for Kendall to be successful in his new detoxed version of the business?

There's also a bunch of other, smaller, mostly useless questions left unanswered. In no specific order: Did anyone end up eating the doughnuts? Were they poisonous? Did Succession's production team really photoshop Kendall's daughter into pictures with Harry Styles and Billie Eilish?

By the end of the second episode, Logan has made a decision about who's taking over—kind of. Though Gerri will be at the helm of Waystar, Shiv will be running things in the background. In essence, Gerri is going to be the facade of operations, with Shiv making all of the real decisions. However, it wasn't clear if Gerri would be made aware of this arrangement, and if she was, would she stay? Or would she possibly pivot over to Kendall's new operation?

We spent much of this episode in Kendall's daughter's bedroom, of whom it took him a quick pause to remember the name of. The four Roy siblings went back and forth, with Kendall making some fairly strong (though probably overly-optimistic) points about why they should join him instead of staying with their father.

By the time their discussion ends, Roman and Shiv separately head to the roof to make phone calls to Gerri and Tom and decide what the plan is. At this point, it really seemed like things were leaning in Kendall's favor.

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