Annabel Lawee, Founder of Breeze, Wants To Reinvent How You Eat At The Airport

Annabel Lawee/Michael Caloca

On this week’s episode of The Tartare Project, host Phil Toronto welcomes Annabel Lawee, founder of Breeze. Breeze is a company that serves specialized airport food packages for those that may not be interested in eating actual airport food.

Pulling from her experiences of flying with Celiac disease, Lawee’s mission was to create a company that would provide airport travelers with convenient access to healthy meals instead of standard restaurant food. Noting the stress and inconvenience that can come from meal planning while trying to make your flight, Breeze provides different meal options made straight from scratch with high-quality ingredients. The menu also accommodates those with dietary preferences and restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan, and you can plan your meals up to 24 hours in advance through the Breeze App.

The conversation then takes several steps back, with Toronto asking Lawee about her childhood experiences growing up in Montreal, attending the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, and moving to New York after graduation. After moving to New York, Lawee joined Echo, a tech startup, and worked there for five years in sales and partnerships, learning many essential skills along the way that would ultimately help with the development of her own company.

Pivoting the conversation towards the early stages of Breeze, Lawee describes what the ideation process was like. “I started ideating about Breeze around 2017. I went on a trip to Cabo, and I remember feeling so bloated and disgusting because I overdosed on almonds since I couldn’t find anything else to eat. It was something that kept happening when I would go on business trips,” Lawee says as she recalls the difficulty of finding quality foods to eat while traveling.

Toronto and Lawee had an incredible conversation full of many valuable gems. You can catch the full episode above and follow all of the latest updates from Breeze on Instagram and Twitter.

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