These 4 Tech Companies Are Making Some Big Pivots

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In Silicon Valley, it's disrupt or get disrupted. 

The Wall Street Journal recently outlined how some of the biggest names in tech are pivoting away from their core business in search of new growth opportunities.

Here's what they reported and how some major tech companies are adapting for the future.


With privacy concerns plaguing Facebook, the social network is now putting less emphasis on your News Feed and a lot more emphasis on messaging and group chat services. The company's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp is likely to play a huge role in its future.


Now that all the world owns an iPhone, Apple is looking for ways to make money off the hardware already in people's hands. Their latest ventures include Apple TV+, a streaming entertainment platform, and Apple Card, a credit card that lives on your iPhone.


Google still dominates the search ad space, but after posting a measly 17% revenue growth the company is looking for ways to diversify, including home and wireless hardware, self-driving cars and even "balloon-tethered internet access."


Amazon launched Amazon Web Services 13 years ago and the investment is paying off huge. The company that got its start selling books online now sees 60% of its profit coming from its cloud-computing services. Having all that cash on hand allows Amazon to foray into new endeavors like groceries and entertainment.

Who's making the smartest move here? Which company do you think will see the biggest profits from its pivots?

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