#TheUnknownHustle: Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer

jon taffer mobile
Mike Pont/WireImage

Before Jon Taffer became a household name as the ranting, nacho-tossing host of Bar Rescue, he was known as an award-winning bar and restaurant owner and a sought-after consultant in the service industry. So when a telecommunications company called COMSAT started exploring "Out of Market Sports Programming," they brought in Taffer to help them understand the sports bar market.

Taffer developed a business model, figured out what a typical bar could afford to pay and how those bars could promote the service to their patrons. Taffer told Fox Sports that eventually the NFL decided to execute the idea themselves and placed Taffer on the advisory board of NFL Enterprises, where he worked for two years turning "Out of Market Sports Programming" into "NFL Sunday Ticket."

Just think: The man whose eye bulges have brought you hours of entertainment is also the reason you can watch a Seahawks game in Houston.

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