#TheUnknownHustle: Psy

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South Korean musician Psy's viral hit "Gangnam Style" is the sixth most-watched YouTube video of all time, with over three billion views.

But Psy had no idea it was going to do that well. In fact, he told South Korean TV show Hidden Singer that he didn't want to upload the video to YouTube because he was afraid that it wouldn't get any clicks.

"I didn't even know what YouTube was back then," Psy said. "Some friends of mine told me to upload the MV, but I said that it would be a humiliation if the views were too low since I didn't have any international fans. So, I told them, 'Let's not upload this.'"

His friends were persistent. Psy eventually decided to upload the video, and wedding dancefloors were forever changed.

The success of the music video led to millions in advertising money for Psy, and singlehandedly increased the value of South Korea's music industry by $13 million. None of that would have happened if Psy had decided to play it safe and not throw the video up on YouTube.

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