#TheUnknownHustle: Adam Thielen

Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

When chasing your dreams, it never hurts to have a backup plan. Just ask NFL All-Pro Adam Thielen.

Thielen wasn't recruited out of high school. He played football at Minnesota State University, a Division II college, and was still relatively unknown by the time he graduated. But none of that stopped him from believing that he could play at the next level.

Once he left school, Thielen, like all college grads needed a job, so he interviewed with a company that sold animal and dental supplies for a business analyst internship. He got the job, but quickly received another offer; after a tryout, the Minnesota Vikings had invited him to join their practice squad.

Tim Sweezo conducted Theilen's interview at the dental supplier and had this to say about him: “When we interview interns, we always ask them, hey, if money was no object what would you be doing? But you had to work? And he actually answered I’d be in the NFL. I was like, OK. He explained a little bit like how that’s been his dream forever and I’m like, that sounds great. And then next thing you know, he’s calling and he’s turning down the internship because he actually did it.”

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