#TheUnknownHustle: Dolph Lundgren

Before he broke Apollo Creed, Dolph earned a Fulbright scholarship to study at MIT

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You may remember Dolph Lundgren's chiseled face and ripped body when he portrayed one of Hollywood's most memorable villains, Ivan Drago. In the sequel Rocky IV, he uttered five of the most bone-chilling words a villain has ever said in a motion picture: "If he dies...He dies!" Lundgren's Drago is one of the most feared opponents Rocky faced in the movie series. As much of a "freak of nature" that he looks on the movie screen, many fans of the classic flick may not know that the man who uttered those words can also be considered a science nerd. 

Lundgren became an action movie superstar and an icon after his performance portraying the Soviet power puncher. Ever since Rocky IV, Lundgren has been apart of more than 40 films, but before he blossomed into an action movie megastar, he was in the classroom TKO'ing his schoolwork. 

While becoming a 3rd-degree black belt Kyokushin karate, Dolph earned his Bachelor's in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, a college that is often ranked as one of the best schools for technology in the world. He went on to receive his Master's degree from the University of Sydney in Australia. While he was there, he became a bodyguard for a beautiful singer, model and actress by the name of Grace Jones. 

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Lundgren and Jones at the Visage Club in New York City, 1985 / Ron Galella/WireImage

The two became an item. They fell so much in love that Grace was able to convince Dolph to leave MIT while he was on a Fulbright scholarship and move to New York City to pursue a career in acting and modeling. It's safe to say that the risk paid off for the brainiac Swedish badass as he was able to embark on a career that has spanned for over four decades.

Today, he is still going strong in Hollywood. He blessed fans with an epic comeback appearance on the big screen in the Rocky franchise's spinoff sequel, Creed II portraying Ivan Drago as a father/trainer to his son, Viktor. He then followed that up with an appearance in the smash hit Aquaman as he portrays Nereus, an underwater king. 

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