Timothée Chalamet's Musical Prowess is on Full Display in 'Wonka'

Is Chalamet actually signing in 'Wonka'?

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The magical chocolate world of Wonka is on full display once again, this time as a prequel, and boy is it a stunning cinematic sight to behold. Visually speaking, loads upon loads of delicious chocolate is at the forefront in the latest iteration of Wonka, along with a range of other candies that will almost certainly have you getting up mid-seat to grab some of that theater candy if you didn’t purchase a couple of boxes ahead of time. It also doesn’t hurt that the star of the show, Timothée Chalamet is adorable and leads the role with an innocent charm that instantly brings the child out of you. If you didn’t know before, you now know that Mr. Chalamet is actually quite the singer and musical performer, putting his chops on display throughout the film.

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Now unless an actor have a previous notable singing career, there's always questions as to whether or not it's actually them singing whenever they take on a musical role. Sometimes it's actually the actor singing, and sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's a mixture of the two—it is the actor singing, but they're also getting some assistance from a professional singer. With Wonka arriving in theaters today here in the US, you may be wondering which category Timothée Chalamet falls into when it comes to the singing side of the musical. Well, let's find out.

Is Timothée Chalamet actually singing in 'Wonka'

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Yes indeed! You'll be happy to find out that Timothée Chalamet did do his own singing for Wonka, and he's actually a pretty good singer. While there have been criticisms of how the young actor measures up to the predecessors that came before him along with the general storyline itself, the one thing just about everybody can agree upon is that Chalamet had singing chops a good percentage of us didn’t even know he had before this film. “It was nice to see him stretch his musical theater legs and I wouldn't mind seeing him do it again, just maybe with something with better musical numbers,” says a review from AZ Central. 

“Indeed, all of the musical numbers are inventively staged and expertly choreographed. But several of the songs in particular -- the catchy “Scrub Scrub,” the show-stopping “You’ve Never Had Chocolate Like This” and the hilarious remix of the “Oompa Loompa Song” -- will have you smiling ear to ear,” says another review from

Here are some standout tracks from the movie:

"A Hatful of Dreams"

"You've Never Had Chocolate Like This"

"A World of Your Own"

Is a 'Wonka' a prequel or a sequel?

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Wonka is a prequel as it's set two decades before the events of Gene Wilder's 1971 film.

Wonka is now available in theaters.

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