The Top 10 Formula One Cards To Look Out For On eBay

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

If you are interested in trading cards, you may have heard about some huge recent sales of Formula One (also know as F1) cards, one of the hottest up and coming categories in the hobby in quite some time.

Sparked by popular the Netflix series, "Formula 1: Drive to Survive", as well as the hobby's continuing expansion of interest in alternative sports outside of traditional mainstream American culture, it appears that the future is bright for both the sport and collectibles of its most popular drivers.

Unlike the big three sports (football, basketball and baseball) with tons of products, different sets and manufacturers, it isn't easy to find vintage cards of F1 legends such as Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna. Populations are low and prices are high, but there are opportunities out there if you know what to look for.

For modern drivers, it has become much easier after F1 signed an exclusive license with Topps in September of 2020 to create their first licensed trading cards and stickers. The recent releases of 2020 Topps Chrome, 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire and 2020 Topps Dynasty have been on fire, as you will see in the list below.

1. 2020 Lewis Hamilton Topps Chrome Sapphire Orange Refractor /25 - $12,258


Lewis Hamilton is a British racer who is the top current Formula One driver, and one of the greatest of all time. He currently drives for Mercedes after five years (2007-2012) with McLaren.

His seven World Drivers' Championship titles are tied for the most of all-time with the legendary Michael Schumacher and he holds the record for most wins (98), pole positions and podium finishes.

Hamilton was also named one of the "100 Most Influential People Globally" by Time Magazine in a 2020 issue, and makes quite a few appearances on this list.

This particular card is an orange refractor and numbered to just 25, meaning there were only 25 of this card ever produced. The fact that it sold raw for over $12,000 goes to show just how hot this market currently is.

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2. 2020 Lewis Hamilton Topps Chrome Sapphire Gold Refractor /50 - $7,621.21


This card is a variation of the main photo shown on previously mentioned card and is a gold refractor numbered to 50. In the interest of this list not being all Lewis Hamilton cards, this list is all of the base refractor parallels that you can find in the 2020 Topps Chrome set:

  • Refractor - 1:3 packs
  • Purple Refractor - #/399
  • 70th Anniversary Gold - 1:30 packs
  • 70th Anniversary Orange - 1:46 packs
  • Gold Refractor - #/50
  • Gold Wave Refractor - #/50
  • Orange Refractor - #/25
  • Orange Wave Refractor - #/25
  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • Red Wave Refractor - #/5
  • 70th Anniversary Red - 1:848 packs
  • SuperFractor - 1/1
  • 70th Anniversary SuperFractor - 1:3,384 packs
  • Printing Plates - 1/1
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3. 2020 Max Verstappen Topps Chrome Red Wave Refractor /5 - $7,223.00


Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch driver with Red Bull racing. He was the youngest driver ever to compete in a Formula One race at the age of 17 years, 166 days, at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix.

In 2016, at just 18 years old, he became the youngest driver–and the first Dutch driver–to ever win a Formula One Grand Prix and he currently holds the points lead for the Drivers' Championship over Lewis Hamilton.

This red wave refractor is one of only five that were made, making it the most rare card of his that has sold on eBay (so far). It will be interesting to see how much his 1/1 Superfractor sells for if/when it goes up for sale.

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4. 1986 Ayrton Senna Panini Supersport Italian Lotus Rookie Card PSA 9 - $6,500.00

1986 ayrton

Ayrton Senna was a Brazilian driver who died in an accident before the 1994 San Marino Grands Prix at the age of 34. Before his death, he won 41 Grands Prix and 65 pole positions, as well as the Formula One World Drivers' Championship in 1988, 1990 and 1991.

He is thought of by some as the greatest driver in the history of the sport, with strong cases to be made for both Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton in that conversation. Either way, Ayrton is an absolute legend in the sport and there aren't many cards of his out there.

There are only 17 graded copies of this card in the PSA population report, including (3) PSA 10's and (7) PSA 9's.

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5. 2020 Lewis Hamilton Topps Now #3 PSA 10 - $4,000.00

hamilton now

This Topps 2020 Now card came out well before the 2020 Topps Chrome set. For those who don't know what Topps Now is, they are cards that celebrate huge sports moments and are only made available initially on in a 24 hour window. Topps then announces how many of the cards were printed, illustrating the rarity.

For this particular card, there were 1,915 produced–with only (139) of them graded by PSA–(81) of which received a PSA 10 grade.

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6. 1987 Ayrton Senna A Question Of Sport UK Portrait PSA 9 - $3,100.00

1987 ayrton

Only (12) of these cards have ever been graded by PSA with no PSA 10's in the population. There are (9) of these PSA 9's out there, making this one of the highest graded examples of this card in existence.

With such a low population, as Formula One cards gain momentum it will be interesting to watch the value of this card when they go up on future auctions.

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7. 2020 Kimi Raikkonen Topps Dynasty Alfa Patch Auto - $2,938.00


Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish driver for Alfa Romeo Racing. He has 21 wins, 18 pole positions and 103 podiums throughout his career, one of only five drivers in Formula One history to have more than 100.

Topps Dynasty is a premium card brand, and the patch autos through the set are visually stunning. However the set is not limited to strictly F1 drivers.

The patch autos of other big name drivers command big money on eBay, including Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Sebastian Vettell.

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8. 2020 Lando Norris Topps Chrome Auto Red Refractor /5 - $2,500


Lando Norris is a British-Belgian driver with McLaren Racing. He is just 21 years old, and started racing at the age of just 7. In 2018, Norris was signed as a junior driver with McLaren and drove in his first Formula One World Championship for them in 2019. He has three podiums but has yet to win a race.

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9. 2020 George Russell Topps Chrome Red Refractor /5 PSA 8 - $2,000.00


George Russell is also a British driver who races for Williams-Mercedes. He is one of Formula One's top young up-and-coming drivers, winning the 2018 FIA Formula 2 Championship, and the 2017 GP3 Series Championship.

With PSA currently shut down at most submission levels, it comes as no surprise that only one of the five of these cards that were produced have been graded.

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10. 1992 Michael Schumacher Grid #51 PSA 10 - $1,597.00


Schumacher was a German driver that raced for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes throughout the course of his career (1991-2012). He holds seven World Drivers' Championship titles, tied for most of all-time with Lewis Hamilton and boasts 91 wins, 68 pole positions and 155 podium finishes on his resume.

There are only (171) of these cards currently graded by PSA, with just (64) PSA 10's. In late April, they were selling for over $3000 but prices have pulled back a bit.

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