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StockX recently got into the LEGO game and their stock-based approach to buying and selling collectibles is super well-suited to the LEGO game. So I put together a list of the top sets you should keep your eye on on the platform.

First, a few notes before getting involved:

  • Sealed, never-opened sets are ALWAYS more valuable than loose sets. There are occasions where the two prices can be close-to equal, but the vast majority of the time, a brand new set will outpace the value of a used set.
  • LEGO sets are rarely quick profit makers. If you can get an in-demand LEGO set early and/or on release day, there is a small window to make gains, but I do not recommend it. I strongly recommend waiting for deals and buying LEGO at discounted rates when LEGO runs sales then storing the sets away to sell at a later date.
  • Historically, licensed themes (namely Star Wars) appreciate the most in value over time. They’re always a safe bet, especially the higher-end sets
  • Architecture sets and LEGO Creator Expert Modulars perform well, too, but both require more time for realized gains. 
  • Think of sets that in 10, 15, 20 years, adults will look back and say, “I wished I had that as a kid!” Those are the sets that will skyrocket with time. 
  • Just like actual stocks, watching the news is essential to timing your investments. If a set is rereleased (like the Taj Mahal was) then the original’s value will plummet. If there is controversy around a movie/actor/character, that can affect the price in either direction.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some sets to watch out for.

1. Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine - 21103

best lego sets on stockx 0009 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 3.58.49 PM

This set was just $35 when it released in 2013. Representing one of the most iconic cars in all of cinema, this set will surely continue to increase in value as it has for the last 8 years

Buy Now on StockX, $195+

2. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series Set - 75192

best lego sets on stockx 0008 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 3.59.05 PM

This is the third-largest LEGO set ever made, and the first largest in the LEGO Star Wars line. This will always be desirable to final, and although it’s available for purchase directly from LEGO at the time of this article, it will eventually retire and that is when prices will start to soar.

Buy Now on StockX, $913+

3. LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile Set - 76139

best lego sets on stockx 0007 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 3.59.25 PM

The 1989 Batmobile is largely considered the “coolest’ on-screen Batmobile to date. It’s no surprise that this set has had fans of all ages excited by it, and for that reason I think this one is a solid investment. It debuted in 2019, so it will be on LEGO store shelves for quite some time yet, but I see this being a huge potential gainer in the next 10 years.

Buy Now on StockX, $240+

4. LEGO The Disney Castle Set - 71040

best lego sets on stockx 0006 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 3.59.55 PM

The only group of people more dedicated than LEGO fans are Disney fans, so it should come as no surprise that the iconic LEGO Disney Castle will surely rise in value over the years. There have been rumors of this retiring after 2021, so act soon if you’re ready to invest in this one!

Buy Now on StockX, $354+

5. LEGO Creator Roller Coaster Set - 10261

best lego sets on stockx 0005 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.00.11 PM

Maybe a bit of a surprise inclusion, but this set is so fun and original that I predict it will be highly desired after it retires.

Buy Now on StockX, $350+

6. LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay Set - 21322

best lego sets on stockx 0004 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.00.27 PM

This set was one of my favorites released in 2020, and I think that long after this retires it will be a highly sought-after set. It’s the perfect combination of nostalgia from the original Pirate ship and modern awesomeness from this existing model that vein diagrams fans of all ages.

Buy Now on StockX, $175+

7. LEGO Star Wars The Ghost Set - 75053

best lego sets on stockx 0003 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.00.50 PM

Unless The Ghost shows up in a future Star Wars movie or Disney+ show, I do not see this ship ever being remade by LEGO. Seeing as it is the main ship for the heroes from the Rebels cartoon, this will have a lot of desirability from kids who grew up with this show once they’re adults with expendable income. Not to mention, this is the ONLY set to include Zeb!

Buy Now on StockX, $550+

8. LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System Set - 71374

best lego sets on stockx 0002 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.01.14 PM

This set appeals to fans young and old, and with a built-in nostalgia factor, this set will surely raise in value over time. It’s not yet retired, and it’s still fairly new, but that means you still have time to get in before it balloons!

Buy Now on StockX, $190+

9. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown Set - 76108

best lego sets on stockx 0001 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.01.33 PM

This set is largely regarded as one of the best LEGO Marvel sets to date. All but one of the minifigures are exclusive to this set, the build is fantastic, and it’s hard to imagine getting another LEGO Marvel set that lives up to this one in the $100 retail range. This set has long been retired, but if you can get your hands on one cheap these days, it is worth every penny.

Buy Now on StockX, $164+

10. LEGO Ideas FRIENDS Central Perk Set - 21319

best lego sets on stockx 0000 Screen Shot 2021 03 04 at 4.01.54 PM

This set caused a commotion when it released in 2019 and it was near-impossible to find this in stock around the time of its release. Since then, stock has caught up with demand, but I project that this LEGO Ideas set will be desired for a long time past its retirement, much like the Back to the Future set and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 before it (all of which were LEGO Ideas sets, as well!)

Buy Now on StockX, $67+
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