The Most Anticipated TV Shows of January 2022

Netflix / HBO Max

The start of the new year is bringing us quite a few TV shows to kick off January, including new seasons, series premieres, and reboots. From the long-awaited second season of Euphoria to new shows like The Afterparty and As We See It, January is shaping up to be quite the jam-packed month for television. These next 11 shows are a few of the largest releases of the month, spanning from genres of murder-mystery and crime to comedies and dramas.

1. "The Gilded Age": Season 1

2. "Ozark": Season 4

3. "Billions": Season 6

4. "Euphoria": Season 2

5. "As We See It": Season 1

6. "Cheer": Season 2

7. "How I Met Your Father": Season 1

8. "The Afterparty": Season 1

9. "Peacemaker": Season 1

10. "Monarch": Season 1

11. "Naomi": Season 1

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