Uber, Lyft, Zipcar and More Want to Make Voting Easy

How to get to the polls, thanks to tech companies

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Tomorrow is Election Day, and the message everywhere is simple: Go vote. Of course, that's easier said than done. People have busy lives, and if you don't have a car or reliable public transportation, polling places can be tough to get to.

But tech companies across America are taking it upon themselves to help. Not only are your social media feeds plastered with reminders to vote, but ride-sharing apps are making it easier than ever to get to the polls. We've compiled some of the best deals that'll give you the wheels to secure the coveted "I Voted" sticker.


Uber is giving people $10 off their ride to the polls with a dedicated "Get to the Polls" button that will show voters their nearest polling station and give them a special promo code to get there for free (or close to it).

"With the 2018 elections around the corner, many organizations and companies across the country are going the extra mile to support our democratic process. At Uber, we want to do our part, too—by helping voters register and get to the polls on Election Day," the company's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote.


Lyft is also getting in on the voting discount game with a 50 percent coupon for a trip to a polling station on Election Day, up to $5 off. They'll also offer free rides in "underserved communities." The company is also attempting to encourage voting through other means, including sending push notifications reminding users to vote and giving drivers voter registration handouts to give to passengers.

"Your voice is important! We’re excited to help make it heard in this year’s elections," the company stated on its website.


If you'd rather drive yourself to the polls but don't have a car, you can take advantage of Zipcar's Election Day deal—rent a car and get $20 off the next time you do it. Sure, the discount doesn't help the cost on Election Day, but if you're a frequent user of the service, it's certainly not a bad deal. And it's worked in past.

"In 2016, I was passionate and penniless after grad school. Voting, especially as a woman, was of fundamental importance and meaning to me. I will be forever grateful to Zipcar for making transportation more accessible during the 2016 election, otherwise I would not have been able to vote," a customer testimonial on the company's website reads.


Another service helping people get to polling places is venture capitalist darling Lime, the scooter- and bike-sharing service that was recently valued at $1 billion, according to Bloomberg. Using the code LIME2VOTE18 will get you 30 minutes of access to any scooter or bike in over 100 cities. The Uber-backed platform will also give users access to election reminders and text message updates with voting info.

"Transportation to the polls is often a challenge for many Americans on Election Day, so we’re doing our part to help," the company's CEO Brad Bao wrote. "On November 6th, Lime will offer free rides to the polls to help Americans make their voices heard and overcome a barrier that may have kept them from participating in the democratic process."

BONUS: Chuck E. Cheese’s

OK, so this one won't actually help you get to the polls. But if you happen to use one of the above services to vote, you can take that precious "I Voted" sticker to the nearest Chuck E Cheese and get yourself a personal pizza when you buy any other pizza. It's a curious option, since the voting age is 18 and the average Chuck E Cheese customer is, uh, decidedly younger.

But hey, I never pass up the opportunity for some free pizza. Extra democracy, please!

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