A Conversation With UNKNWN Co-Founder Jaron Kanfer

The Spring 2022 collection dropped on the 14th

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Since we are now officially in February, it’s time to start thinking about our springtime fashions. On January 14th, UNKNWN dropped their Spring 2022 Sport collection, which is a reflection of the evolving styles of its founders LeBron James, Frankie Walker Jr., and Jaron Kanfer.

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Spring 2022 / UNKNWN

The collection is inspired by activewear and reimagined with an emphasis on modern sportswear design and functionality. It debuts shirts, polos, jackets, joggers, biker shorts, sports bras, and accessories designed to lend an elevated feel and designer lens to activewear.

Intended for the everyday athlete to be worn anytime or anywhere, the collection was tested by athletes in Fit Clubs and workouts that UNKNWN hosts weekly at its Wynwood store, and focuses on performance, and multi-paneled designs that offer lightweight and breathable materials, along with stretchable sweat resistant fabric.

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The color story offers neutral, cohesive, and cool tones consisting of ivory, chalk, navy, white, and ice effortlessly ready to incorporate itself into a wide range of wardrobes and personal styles. The best part? It is reasonably priced with pieces ranging from $40 to $115 each.

ONE37pm spoke with UNKNWN co-founder Jaron Kanfer to talk more about the Spring 2022 Sport collection.

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ONE37pm: Congrats on the new collection! What was the inspiration for this latest drop?

Kanfer: This collection is active and athlete-inspired. We wanted to create activewear that was elevated through a designer lens and make it functional to be worn every day. 

ONE37pm: You guys had a great 2021, what can we expect in 2022?

Kanfer: Expect more UNKNWN brand collections as well as collaborations with the top sneaker, fashion, and gaming brands. There are so many talented creatives we’re excited to team up with. At our Miami store, we’re hosting weekly workouts and special events in our courtyard. We designed this aspect of the store as a place where the community can get together and be active.

ONE37pm: How has the brand evolved since the beginning?

Kanfer: UNKNWN was founded as a way for people to discover new brands by combining high fashion with contemporary wear. We’ve always wanted that experience to be accessible for anyone. As we’ve grown, we are constantly amplifying our efforts to support new brands with collaborations and special events. We continue to expand the UNKNWN brand with new collections. Most importantly, we’re expanding our community and providing opportunities locally to come together for special events and workouts. 

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ONE37pm: This is a really versatile collection! You can really create a lot of different looks, right?

Kanfer: Exactly. The idea behind the collection, and all of our collections, is to create looks that can be worn together as a matching set or mixed with other collections for individuality. We design collections around a cohesive color story to make building full looks or mixing pieces effortless. 

ONE37pm: We had to ask. Any plans for more retail stores in the future? 

Kanfer: Stay tuned… 

We guess we’ll have to stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out the collection at UNKNWN’s flagship location in Wynwood, and at

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