The Top 10 Fastest Growing Trading Cards This Week

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

The Top 10 fastest growing sports cards this week brings us a diverse mix of cards including Marvel, Pokemon, Hockey, Baseball, Football and Basketball. In order for a card to qualify for this list, it had to be in graded condition with a minimum value of $250. 

1. 1990 Marvel Universe Captain America #1 PSA 10 (+243%)

captain america

On February 24th, this card sold for a record $4,050 but has been on a steady decline ever since, hitting a low of $167.50 on 8/29. 

Just 1 day after hitting a low, the card bounced back and sold for $575:

cl1 2

It’s still a far-cry from its all-time high price, but the new sale is the highest price this card has seen in over a month. There are 82 copies of this card in a PSA 10 grade and has been sold 21 times since the record price sale in February.

2. 1951 Bowman Willie Mays #305 PSA 1 (+90.48%)

mays 1

On 8/29, this card sold for $3,800, close to it’s all-time high price of $4,100 on 6/14: 

cl2 2

Despite being a low-grade card (PSA 1), it has a population of 152. It’s gone through a few peaks and valleys since March until it hit its lowest value in 8 months when it sold for $1,995 on 8/26 before its most recent sale.

3. 2016 Bowman Prospects Fernando Tatis Jr. #BP17 PSA 10 (73% Growth)


There are 1,027 copies of this Tatis’ Bowman Prospects card in a PSA 10 grade so there has been a high sales volume and high price volatility over the past 6 months. The card last sold for $359.99 on 8/28 up from $199.85 on 8/21:

cl3 3

The card hit a high price of $499.99 on July 5th before hitting a new low on 8/21. So far the cards we’ve seen on this list have hit new lows but have rebounded significantly within a few days of the previous low sale. The 8/28 sale is the highest new price for the card since 7/25. 

4. 2004 Topps Base LeBron James #23 PSA 10 (+71.76%)


On 2/14, this card hit a high of $2,323 before retracting to $960 within 2 weeks. It’s a second-year James card with a population of 366. 

It sold on 8/29 for $340 before jumping up to $584 on 8/30:

cl4 2

This is the highest sale for the card since 5/23, but is still significantly lower than its peak February price. 

5. 1997 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan #115 BGS 9.5 (+67.2%)


In early February, a copy of Duncan’s Topps Chrome rookie base in a BGS 9.5 grade sold for a record high $3,050 before retreating to a low of $356 on 8/25. 

After the record low, the card jumped back up to $595.25 on 8/30:

cl5 2

The card has a population of 795 and has been on a steady decline since its high in February. The latest sale is the most this card has sold for since 6/10. 

6. 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor Mike Trout #101 BGS 9.5 (+60%)

trout 1

Like many other cards on this list, Trout’s 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor price peaked in early February with a $2,999 sale before reaching a low price of $1,393 on 7/7. 

There are 637 copies of this card graded a BGS 9.5 and last sold for $2,400 on 8/30:

cl6 2

This was up from $1,500 (sold 8/27) and is the card’s highest sale since 5/9. 

7. 2019 Optic Holo Kyler Murray PSA 10 (+59.48%)

kyler 1

Despite the conclusion of the NFL pre-season and the regular season start just a few weeks away, Murray is the only football player who made the top 10 list this week. 

Murray’s Optic Holo has 128 copies in a PSA 10 and sold on 8/30 for $1,150:

cl7 2

It had previously sold for a record high of $1,500 last September before dropping to $569 in early January. 

On 8/25 the card sold for $721.11 before jumping back up in price 5 days later.

8. 1999 Pokemon Game Blastoise Holo #2 PSA 10 (+58.92%)


A PSA 10 Blastoise Holo sold for $8,500 last October before hitting a low of $1,382 on 7/21. 

The card has seen some volatility but is on a general upward trend since that last recorded low sale. On 8/26, the card sold for $3,205: 

cl8 1

There are 332 PSA 10 copies of this card and has been sold 29 times since its peak value in October.

9. 2005 Upper Deck Young Guns Sidney Crosby #201 BGS 9.5 (+54.99%)


Sidney Crosby’s 2005 Upper Deck Young Guns BGS 9.5 hit an all-time record high in February when it sold for $3,825 and nearly reached that high with its latest sale:

cl9 1

The card dropped to a low of $1,722 in late June, but has been on a steady climb upwards. The latest sale is the highest the card has sold for since early March. There are 2,192 copies of this card graded a BGS 9.5. 

10. 2019 Prizm Red White & Blue Ja Morant #249 PSA 10 (+54.18%)


The Ja Morant rookie Prizm Red White & Blue PSA 10 peaked in price on 12/26 when it sold for $950. There are 770 copies of the card graded a PSA 10 and there has been a high volume of sales in the past year. 

The card last sold for $461 on 8/30:

cl10 1

This marks the highest sale of the card since early April. 

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