What to Watch on New Year's Eve if You're Not Going Out

Alice S. Hall / NBCU

If you're chilling at home this New Year's Eve, you've got only a few hours left to catch up on a few of the best movies and TV episodes that epitomize new beginnings. Well, that it is if you consider acquiring a pet monkey and having a stacked cast with a poor plotline the definition of new beginnings.

This mixed collection of 10 movies and episodes is bound to at least get you laughing into the new year, even if it's just laughing in absurdity at the fact that such a terrible movie grossed so well. And no, I don't have any pent-up anger towards the hit movie, New Year's Eve.

1. "Friends": 'The One with the Monkey"

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2. "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!"

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3. "The Office": 'Ultimatum'

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4. "When Harry Met Sally..."

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5. "New Year's Eve"

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6. "Portlandia": 'Winter in Portlandia'

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7. "30 Rock": 'Klaus and Greta'

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8. "Seinfeld": 'The Millennium'

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9. "The Simpsons": 'The Trouble with Trillions'

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10. "BoJack Horseman": 'Old Acquaintance'

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