7 People From Different Industries Explain Why They Love Going To Work Every Day

It’s all about perspective.

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For some people, waking up each morning, heading to work and grinding can be a challenge. And financial obligations are clearly one way to force you out of your peaceful slumber.

But for others, getting out of bed isn't as much of a chore. Instead, it's actually quite delightful. We came across a recent thread on Reddit that asks the question, "People who are happy to go to your jobs every day, what do you do and why do you like it?"

Here are a few examples of why people from industries ranging from an NFL groundskeeper to a Pool technician love their jobs:

1. NFL Groundskeeper: The interactions with players

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Right on NFL groundskeeper! We totally agree!

2. ER Worker: No day is the same, completely unpredictable

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Caution: You can't be afraid of blood. 

3. Car Designer: Hard work = loving every minute of it

screen shot 2019 03 22 at 11 22 54 am

This could be the guy designing that Mercedes you've been lusting after.

4. Japanese Hostel Worker: The incredible view

screen shot 2019 03 22 at 11 23 51 am

Who would have thought that "being zen" would ever be a job requirement?

5. Food Delivery Runner: Treated like family

screen shot 2019 03 22 at 11 23 58 am

Getting paid to drive around and listen to music? Sounds like an awesome way to pass the time. Not to mention the gas is probably covered too.

6. Pool Technician: Swimming perks...among other things

screen shot 2019 03 22 at 11 25 33 am

Four whole months off of work? Hopefully he doesn't get too bored.

7. Construction Project Manager: Perks, perks, and more perks

screen shot 2019 03 22 at 11 25 58 am

Golfing AND three hour lunches, is this a dream?

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