Watch Will Smith Let His Son ‘Cheat Death’ in This Wild Video

‘This bucket list was never about cars; it was only ever about my son, and I won’

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Will Smith squeezed in some heart-racing dad-son bonding—by challenging his oldest child, Trey, to an F1 car racing duel in Abu Dhabi—on the latest episode of Will Smith’s Bucket List on Facebook Watch.

As part of taking in the culture of the United Arab Emirates, Will let 26-year-old Trey live dangerously on the Jebel Jais Mountain: “It’s the highest point in the UAE, and there’s a serious love for cars in this culture, so I’mma let my son drift down this mountain and cheat death so, you know, he can get ready for the big race.”

The 50-year-old famous father of three immediately regretted the decision.

“It’s one of those parenting moments when everything was funny,” he admitted. “It was like funny before, but now he’s in the car.”

Watch the full episode above to see that moment, see who wins the duel and see special guests Lewis Hamilton, a five-time F1 world champion, offer advice; Mo Amer, an Arab-American stand-up comedian, prank Trey; and Jaden Smith, another of Will’s kids, officiate the race.

“You know, this bucket list was never about cars; it was only ever about my son, and I won,” Will said after the race. “The central components of love are time and attention. You cannot get around spending time if you want to build love. It’s something I failed at for most of Trey’s life, but I’m going to dedicate the rest of my life to making up for it.”

In other Bucket List episodes, Smith skydives, runs a half marathon, swims with sharks and performs a stand-up comedy routine with help from comedic legend Dave Chappelle. What’s next on his bucket list? Dancing in a Bollywood movie.

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