Women of the Hobby: Shining a Light on Female Collectors

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When most people think about the typical collector of sports cards, they probably think of a father and son going to the store and buying some packs. They think of young men getting together to make trades, or even a packed convention center full of men wheeling and dealing at card shows. One woman has set out to challenge those stereotypes and show the world that there are some amazing women in the hobby with unbelievable collections and stories to tell. 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sam Shuford, the 22-year-old creator of “Women Of The Hobby” (WOTH), a brand based around empowering and connecting with women who collect trading cards. We spoke about the creation of the group, the process of running it, and what her long-term goals are for the brand.


What is Women of the Hobby?

Women of The Hobby is a community, platform, and podcast for women to share their stories and meet other collectors. It’s a community in its ability to direct a lot of people to other female collectors and expose a wide variety of people to their awesome collections or Instagram profiles. It’s often used to advocate for all things female in the hobby–collectors, breakers, LCS Owners, female athletes, etc. And it is a dual-purpose podcast that highlights a woman in the hobby and brings on different guests to discuss the latest news in sports cards.

How did WOTH come to life? 

WOTH was something that I had thought about for a few months before I started it because I just kept thinking, I love the sports card hobby and I know I want to stay in it for a long time. I knew I would need to develop friendships if I was truly going to stay. After kicking around some thoughts of what exactly I wanted to do and what goals I had, I decided to push the concept into creation when I saw @shecollectscards YouTube channel. Seeing that channel was the extra push that I needed to see that other female collectors are out there and it should be noted so that the hobby feels more inclusive for all. After that, I began reaching out to people to start interviewing and a few weeks later came up with the “Woman of The Week” concept that I think a lot of people enjoy. 

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Sam with @shecollectscards / @womenofthehobby

When was WOTH created? 

WOTH officially started in February 2021 and it really took off fast due to the support of a lot of people–including ONE37pm / Card Talk Live Event.

What inspires you?

I really like this question because I was actually asked this on a show with @CardboardCulture. I knew it was coming but didn’t think of anything until right before they asked me, and I really liked that answer I gave. I think the thing that inspires me the most is “growth” - whether that be physically, mentally, spiritually - it is truly amazing to see people grow in the way they look, think, or act. Looking up the word “growth” there are obviously a lot of different ways the word can be used, but it almost always means to increase or gain, and to see people improve upon themselves in whatever manner they choose is always going to be the most inspiring thing to me. 

What has surprised you along the journey? 

Honestly, I think the most surprising thing is all of the support from people in the hobby. Whether it be from verified accounts or small IG accounts just reaching out to say they love the page and really want to see more women in the hobby - those messages always mean the most and just push me to keep going in growing the account and expanding the reach. 

One of the things that I love the most about the hobby is that there are some people, specifically a lot of content creators, that I would have personally considered to be almost “celebrity-like” but yet a lot of them are always willing to strike up a regular convo at a show or just like/comment on IG photos of cards—those small interactions that these seemingly famous hobbyists have with the “regular” hobbyists really go a long way in developing a relationship and thus a lifelong hobby member.

What are your goals for WOTH?

A few of my main goals with WOTH  is to continue to have interviews with female collectors and share their stories within the hobby. I currently do this about once every two weeks, but I would like to start doing it once a week. And another thing I really wanted to bring in, are more people from the hobby at companies, so not always collectors but people at Panini, Topps, Distributors, etc. And lastly, I would love to start to have more female athletes (if I can find them) come on the show. I think that would be amazing. I always think it’s cool to see athletes that collect!

Beyond having more guests, another thing I would like to do is have some type of planned event for women of the hobby to get together. 

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Women Of The Hobby is a brand you will be seeing more and more of. The story is wonderful and the goal is necessary for the overall growth of The Hobby. I am very excited to see what the future brings! The best place to keep up with all things WOTH is on Instagram @WomenOfTheHobby and YouTube Women of The Hobby, You can also follow Sam on Twitter @Sams_Stuff25

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