21 Work From Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

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Thanks to the miracle of the internet, there are so many remote job opportunities in fields across the board that can earn you some serious bank from your living room (now known as your “home office,” of course). Whether you need to supplement your full-time income, or just have some extra time for a few side gigs, peruse the list below to discover quality work-from-home jobs suitable for various skill levels, professional backgrounds, and expertise. You probably didn’t even know some of these existed!

1. Writer

Why not start with the job you’re seeing in action right now: online writing! With digital publications, blogs, and websites catering to just about every niche subject you can think of, there’s bound to be a site for you to write about a topic you’re knowledgeable or passionate about, so click around and inquire.

Looking for a place to start?

2. Copywriter

If you’re not quite the blogging type but take pride in your ability to put a good sentence together, you’re in luck! This is the ideal remote option for people with strong communication skills, a great grip on the English language, and an interest in business and marketing.

Start here:

3. Social Media Manager

You know how to bring in the likes on Instagram, engage with followers, and curate the perfect feed, so turn that passion for social media into a lucrative career. Since platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become essential tools for brands to grow their digital footprint, social media managers are in demand.

Start here:

  • From wine companies to startups to dog influencers (seriously), there are social media roles in just about every industry you could think of. Ability to come up with witty captions probably required.

4. Video Editor

Another digital media role that’s blowing up? Video editors! Film, media, and production pros who can rock programs like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop are needed to produce and edit video content for YouTube and more.

For all you sports fans out there, psst:

  • DraftKings is hiring a creative video and graphics editor to play an integral role in their live programming schedule. Responsibilities include editing multiple fantasy analysis and news videos per day and generating graphics to support content.

5. Marketing Strategist

Already have a background in marketing? Flex those skills as a marketing strategist for a range of clients.

Start here:

  • Companies like SmartBug Media are always hiring remote strategists to work with teams of consultants, copywriters, designers, and developers to deliver “strategy and vision” to clients seeking to outsource marketing professionals in order to grow their brands and web presence.
  • There are also openings in the fields of real estate and social media. This role usually requires expertise in things like SEO and Google AdWords, so brush up!

6. SEO Specialist

Speaking of SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization, for those who obviously know if they’re reading this), Brainjolt Media, a disruptive digital engagement agency and viral media network, is currently looking for a fully remote SEO Specialist. The core mission of this data-driven role is to identify and execute opportunities to drive direct traffic to Brainjolt’s sites and improve their brands’ search rankings. While you should be proficient in Google Analytics and G-Suite, according to their job listing, “formal education doesn’t matter as much as your results.”

Think you have what it takes?

7. Cryptocurrency Content Developer

This sounds like a dream job for anyone who is obsessed with developments in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Start here:

  • Energi is a “self-funded cryptocurrency project with over 60 contributors across 17 time zones” and they’re in search of a knowledgeable content developer to produce communication material like blog posts, website content, and slide decks that cater to both technical and non-technical audiences alike. The role will have you working alongside Energi leaders, project contributors, and external stakeholders to help move the crypto economy forward.

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8. Front End Web Developer

If you’re fluent in HTML and JavaScript, and can build a website with your eyes closed, let’s just say all those late nights poking around with code are about to pay off - big time. Web developers are always in high demand, and with more people living online these days, they’re needed now more than ever.

Start here:

  • Companies across industries, including creative talent agency Vitamin T, are seeking lead front end developers to manually code, test, and debug their sites.
  • Check out FlexJobs for a bunch of similar listings.

9. Financial Analyst

Want to work for one of the biggest companies in the world...without leaving your couch? Now’s your chance.

Amazon is hiring a senior financial analyst for its Kindle service to contribute to strategies, create financial models, support reviews of global business, and optimize current programs. According to the job listing, this role requires “keen attention to detail, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, skills in business intelligence, and the ability to clearly communicate complex subjects to multiple teams.” If you’re proficient in Microsoft Excel and know your numbers, you could be the next Jeff Bezos. ​​​​​

10. Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative is the perfect way to pivot your experience in the service industry which has been disrupted at this time. If you’ve ever worked at a bar or restaurant, you already know how to make customers feel special and address their concerns, and now you can do all that by phone or live chat.

Start here:

  • Various companies are now hiring representatives to easily work from home, including Sitel, NexRep, Sutherland, Wrrk, and The Chat Shop. Solve problems, improve customer experience, and help people out!

11. Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Well, this certainly isn’t your typical job opening. Valiant Labs, Nike’s new business incubator, is building a team of thought leaders to push boundaries, think innovatively, and “serve consumers in new and unimagined ways.” Sounds fun.

If you’re an adaptable and scrappy founder who can identify new problems and envision solutions in complex and volatile environments, have major vision, and fancy yourself the next Richard Branson or GaryVee, this seriously unique opportunity is for you. Who wouldn’t want to be Nike’s own Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

Apply HERE!

12. Virtual Assistant

Turns out you don’t actually have to be in an office to perform necessary administrative and assistant duties while developing relationships with high-powered entrepreneurs and clients.

Start here:

  • Companies like Belay and Time Etc. hire virtual assistants who can telecommute and often work flexible hours during the week.
  • Profit Factory is another go-to resource that connects successful CEOs and entrepreneurs with the support they need. If you’re extremely organized, have some administrative experience, and want to get to work, becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to network on the job and make your resume stand out in the future. ​​​​​​

13. Law Enforcement Transcriber

Calling all True Crime enthusiasts! Why settle for a podcast when you can listen to real deal police investigations and get paid while doing it? Sure, you also have to type it all out, but still, who knew this dream job even existed?!

Start here:

  • Apply to work as a law enforcement transcriber through Net Transcripts. If you’re a fast typer and even better listener, you’ll be responsible for transcribing the audio content of criminal investigations, internal affairs, and various other law enforcement audio files. Thrilling stuff.

14. Bookkeeper

If you know your way around Quickbooks and are great with numbers, apply to become a remote bookkeeper for one of the many companies in search of one right now.

Start here:

  • Staffing agency Accounting Principals places freelance accountants and bookkeepers for both temporary and permanent positions, while plenty of other businesses are independently searching for bookkeepers to bring on staff.
  • Just graduated with a degree in accounting? There are even some entry-level positions available, like this associate bookkeeper job with CFO Services, a company based in D.C.

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15. Data Researcher

If you often find yourself in Wikipedia click-holes and love to do deep dives into obscure topics, put your curious mind to good (and profitable!) use. Internet data researchers are being sought to investigate a range of subjects to help explain market trends, fact check, determine competitive markets, and gather statistics.

Start here:

  • Wonder is a great research service that works with everyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies in need of fact-finding analysts and they’re always bringing on new team members.
  • And for those interested in the booming cannabis industry, Cannabiz Media is also hiring!

16. Account Manager

Top-ranked branding agency Evolve Branding is currently looking for part-time, full-time, and contracted account managers who want to lead a sales team, help their clients achieve huge amounts of growth, work on proposals, and manage client relationships. Evolve has a 100% virtual office and values flexibility, plus the pay isn’t half bad: you could make up to $125,000 a year!

Remote account manager positions are also available right now at companies like Cogito Corporation and K2. This role allows you to hone your leadership skills and provide key support to high-powered clients.

17. Online Tutor

Schools across the country have moved to virtual classrooms, so many positions have opened for online educators and tutors.

Start here:

  • iTutor, for example, hires certified teachers for online classes, tutoring, and test prep, but there are instructor jobs available for anyone who has teachable expertise in, well, anything.
  • TheONE is a platform that connects experts via video chat with people looking to learn. If you have a skill, from fixing a bike to training for a marathon, TheONE wants to bring you onboard to earn money by the minute.

18. Translator

Who would have guessed that your mom yelling at you in her native tongue growing up could one day earn you some dough? If you’re one of the 60 million Americans who are bi- or multilingual, use your language skills to work as a remote translator.

Start here:

  • SDL, a company that provides language and content management solutions for businesses in all sectors, hires freelance translators who have experience in everything from tech and finance to travel and life sciences.
  • Lionbridge works with some of the biggest companies in the world to provide content and website localization (i.e. translating content into international languages).

19. Website Tester

Since you are probably spending your days browsing the internet anyway, you might as well start charging someone for it.

Services like Respondent and User Testing pay you to test websites and give honest and direct feedback about your user experience. This valuable information is used by website developers to make sites easier to navigate, fix bugs, and improve overall usability.

If you’ve ever yelled, “Where the hell is the login button?!” while clicking around an unfamiliar webpage, this job is for you - no other experience necessary.

20. Call Center Agent

Named one of the top 100 companies with remote employment opportunities of 2019, Liveops connects you to customer service work as an at-home virtual call center agent in industries including telecommunications, healthcare, retail, insurance, and more. The company employs over 20,000 independent contractors, describing itself as one of the world’s largest cloud contact centers. Liveops also takes pride in providing flexible schedules that anyone could fit into their life, along with opportunities for major career growth.

Learn more HERE.

21. Telesales Professional

Do you consider yourself an outgoing person with amazing communication skills? You might want to look into a work-from-home career in telemarketing. I know, I know, but before you jump to judgment, this isn’t the type of telemarketing that calls individuals at dinnertime.

Start here:

  • At iRC (Interactive Research Communications) and similar companies, telesales professionals deal solely in B2B, a.k.a. Business to Business, communications. iRC works with A-list firms in the IT industry and is looking for a candidate to cold-call IT Managers and other mid-level executives in order to generate surveys regarding their technology plans for the next 12 months.
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