Our Most Mind-Blowing, Possibly Ill-Advised 2019 NBA Playoff Predictions

So. Many. Upsets.

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The rumors are true: ONE37pm loves the NBA. And though the internet is awash with playoff predictions right now, we’re tossing a few of our own onto the pile, with a side of spice.

Regular season narratives are one thing. But the playoff period is a different season in and of itself, where team matchups take on an outsized importance. For instance, the Rockets falling from the No. 3 spot in the West to the No. 4 spot on the last day of the regular season could spell doom. Instead of facing a more friendly matchup with Oklahoma City, who have been kind of up and down since Paul George injured his shoulder, they’ll face a defensively strict and underappreciated Jazz team, with the Warriors waiting for them in the second round. Some lower seeds are also entering [[?]]the playoffs with a little juice; the Nets have gone 10-7 since Rodions Kurucs entered the starting lineup for good. It’s all happening.

Below, you’ll find our predictions for the most outrageous, league-altering possibilities for the NBA playoffs, which begin Saturday, April 13.

Nets Beat Sixers

I mean...I can see it.—Omari White

Bucks Over Dubs in the Finals, Fam

Bucks over GS in the Finals and KD wears an "I Love New York" t-shirt to his final press conference as a Warrior.—Ryan Haney

Celtics Crap Out, Panic

The Celtics are on edge. With the Marcus Smart injury, they're having to juggle their rotation—something they haven't really done well this season for a sustained period of time—at the exact wrong time. They'll beat Indiana but get drummed by the Bucks, sowing chaos amongst the front office and the staff. Kyrie leaves and Brad Stevens is somehow on the hot seat.—Corban Goble

Nets-Warriors Finals, Let's Get Weird

D'Angelo turns the page on the whole Lakers episode as "How Does It Feel" blasts over the speakers, confetti floating down to the floor—Michael Saintil

Upsets Galore in the West

If we're going for value gambling plays, let's go all in—Spurs over the Nuggets, OKC over Portland and Utah over Houston.—Jacob Forchheimer

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